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Why EVERY Entrepreneur Needs to EMBRACE Risk Taking - David & Donni #432

Think bigger, seize opportunities.

This Social Proof episode highlights the importance of thinking bigger and seizing opportunities in order to achieve success. David and Donni expresses their frustration at not having built a multimillion-dollar business like some of the people they have come across. They acknowledge that these successful individuals are not necessarily smarter or more talented, but they possess a different piece of information and see a bigger game.

David and Donni share an anecdote about a conversation with someone named Ryan, who has the ability to envision the potential for a business to generate millions and even billions of dollars. This interaction makes the host realize that they have been thinking too small their whole life. They express their desire to start seeing the potential for a $100 million business but admit that they struggle to see all the necessary steps to achieve that level of success.

Donni adds that one key difference between companies that generate $1 million and $100 million in revenue is their ability to take advantage of paid marketing on social media. They acknowledge that they missed out on this opportunity and are still struggling to catch up. They also discuss how the $100 million brands have a broader reach and cater to a wider audience, while their own brand is niche-specific. They recognize the need to diversify and expand their reach to achieve greater success.

Additionally, Donni mentions the challenges they face in accessing capital, particularly due to systemic issues like redlining in the banking industry. They acknowledge that their peers may have had easier access to capital and that they had to prove themselves in a different way to secure funding.

In conclusion, this Social Proof episode emphasizes the importance of thinking bigger and seizing opportunities to achieve greater success. David and Donni recognize the need to expand their reach, diversify their strategies, and overcome challenges in accessing capital. By doing so, they believe they can build a multimillion-dollar business and achieve their goals.

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