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She’s Projecting Her Limiting Beliefs... - Social Proof HOT SEAT #34

Atlanta oversaturated, gatekeeping in modeling.

In the podcast episode, the guest, Makya Flanders, discusses her experiences in the modeling industry in Atlanta and her reasons for wanting to leave the city. She describes Atlanta as oversaturated, with many people in various fields all doing the same things and engaging in gatekeeping practices.

Makya's experience working as a manager for a model agency in Atlanta sheds light on the challenges faced by aspiring models in the city. She mentions that there are numerous model agencies in Atlanta, leading to fierce competition and limited opportunities for success. Makya's assertion that Atlanta is oversaturated in terms of modeling agencies and talent suggests that there may be a lack of diversity and inclusivity in the industry, with certain individuals or agencies dominating the market and limiting opportunities for others.

Additionally, Makya discusses the presence of gatekeeping in the modeling industry in Atlanta, specifically referring to the people who book models for gigs. She suggests that these individuals may be selective in their choices, potentially favoring certain models over others based on personal preferences or connections. This gatekeeping behavior can further exacerbate the challenges faced by aspiring models, making it difficult for them to secure opportunities and advance their careers.

Overall, Makya's insights into the modeling industry in Atlanta highlight the need for greater diversity, inclusivity, and transparency in the field. By addressing issues such as oversaturation and gatekeeping, stakeholders in the industry can create a more equitable and supportive environment for aspiring models to thrive. Additionally, Makya's decision to leave Atlanta in search of new opportunities underscores the importance of exploring different markets and expanding one's horizons in pursuit of success in the modeling industry.

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