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Real Estate Coach Reveals Secrets to Accelerate Your Growth - Terrica Lynn Smith #425

Unapologetic about coaching and results.

The podcast episode revolves around the theme of being unapologetic about coaching and results. The speaker expresses their lack of concern for others' opinions and focuses more on the facts and truth about themselves. They assert that they genuinely care for people and have walked with them for a whole year, without apologizing for their coaching fees and charges. The speaker highlights the value they provide, giving enough free resources for people to get started in real estate but also offering a comprehensive coaching program with continuous support and accountability.

Terrica Lynn Smith proudly states that their coaching program is unmatched in terms of consistency and commitment. They mention that they don't miss a beat, even in challenging times like the flu or personal losses. They share a personal anecdote about a team member who experienced a personal tragedy but still chose to fulfill their commitment to the program, demonstrating their dedication and integrity.

She acknowledges that there may be skeptics or critics who label them as scammers, but they are confident in their actions and intentions. They mention keeping receipts and being thorough and accurate in their work. They emphasize that their hearts are genuinely invested in their inner circle and challenge participants. They go above and beyond, praying, fasting, and doing everything possible to deliver what they believe God wants them to deliver to their clients.

David and Terrica expresses their desire for their results to speak for themselves. They don't want to have to defend themselves or showcase their good deeds on social media. Instead, they want the people who have gone through their program or worked with them in the past 19 years to be their testimony. They want their reputation to precede them, with people vouching for their character and commitment. They mention their unwavering faith and their belief that God supports them in their endeavors.

Towards the end of the episode, a conversation between the speaker and another person is highlighted. They discuss the importance of authenticity and results in coaching. They mention a situation where someone claimed to be successful in their lemonade business but only had two lemonade stands. The speaker questions why they haven't expanded further if they truly have the knowledge and expertise to teach others. They contrast this with their own approach, where they continue to actively invest in real estate while coaching others.

In conclusion, David and Terrica emphasizes the speaker's unapologetic stance towards coaching and the results they deliver. They prioritize facts, honesty, and transparency in their work, not being swayed by others' opinions or accusations. They highlight their commitment to their clients, their consistency in delivering their coaching program, and their genuine care for the people they work with. The transcript showcases the speaker's belief in the power of results and actions, rather than empty claims or promises.

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