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Not Prepared For Brand Deliverables - #SocialProof HOT SEAT #20

Lack of business management skills.

One of the main themes that emerges from this podcast transcript is the lack of business management skills. The speaker, referred to as Kori, discusses his decision to quit his brand due to an inability to fulfill the orders he was receiving. This lack of fulfillment was attributed to a combination of factors, including difficulties in managing the business and the time-consuming nature of the production process.

Kori admits that he was not managing a business but rather selling merchandise. This highlights a fundamental issue in his approach to entrepreneurship. He did not have the necessary skills or systems in place to effectively handle the demands of running a business. As a result, customers had to wait for extended periods, with some not receiving their orders for up to a month.

The podcast transcript also reveals a lack of prioritization on Kori's part. Despite receiving payment for the orders, he did not make fulfilling them a priority. This suggests a disregard for customer satisfaction and a failure to understand the importance of meeting expectations in business. Kori's focus seemed to be on using the money for other purposes rather than investing it back into the business to improve operations and meet customer demands.

Furthermore, Kori's explanation for quitting his brand raises questions about his commitment and dedication to entrepreneurship. He mentions getting "too high" and flying "too close to the sun," which could be interpreted as a lack of discipline and focus. This lack of commitment is further highlighted by his admission that he spent the money on sizes that he did not need, rather than investing it back into the business.

Overall, this podcast transcript underscores the importance of having strong business management skills when starting and running a business. Without these skills, entrepreneurs may struggle to fulfill orders, meet customer expectations, and effectively manage their finances. It serves as a reminder that success in entrepreneurship requires more than just a good idea or product; it requires the ability to effectively manage all aspects of the business.

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