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LIVE Brainstorming Session on How To Make A Million Dollars - David & Donni #424

Fundraising for social proof building.

The hosts of the podcast, David and Donni, explore the idea of creating a building fund to raise money for their new building. They draw a parallel to church building funds and suggest that they can encourage their audience to make donations through the Cash App every time they post a social proof clip on Instagram.

They acknowledge that asking for money directly and using Ca$hApp, as some entrepreneurs do, may come across as "ghetto" or desperate. However, they believe that being transparent about their need for funds and actively seeking donations for their building is a different situation. They recognize that a million dollars is a significant investment, and they discuss the potential of leveraging their social media following to raise the necessary funds.

David and Donni calculate the potential impact of their combined social media following. With approximately 400,000 followers, they estimate that if just 10% of their audience donated $5 each, they could raise $200,000. They also mention the possibility of asking for larger donations, such as $25, to reach their goal of one million dollars.

They express confidence in their ability to raise the funds needed for the building. They mention engaging with their YouTube subscribers, which number over half a million, as well as their Instagram followers. They believe that their dedicated audience, combined with their social media reach, can help them achieve their fundraising goals.

In conclusion, this Social Proof episode talks about the David and Donni's discussion about fundraising for their social proof building. They explore the idea of creating a building fund and actively seeking donations from their audience through social media platforms. They discuss the potential impact of their combined following and calculate the amount of money they could potentially raise. Overall, they express optimism about their ability to secure the necessary funds through their fundraising efforts.

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