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Learn How You Can Enhance Your Credit - Dion Coopwood #411

Metro 2 Compliance simplifies credit repair.

Metro 2 Compliance is a credit compliance standard that simplifies credit repair. It was put in place in 1997 by the CDIA (Credit Bureaus plus Innovis) to protect consumers against wrongful information that should not be reporting. The compliance standard ensures that only accurate and verified information is reported on individuals' credit reports.

The software developed by the speaker leverages Metro 2 Compliance and incorporates artificial intelligence. With just one click of a button, users can generate and send Metro 2 Compliant letters to the credit bureaus. These letters request the removal of any information that does not meet the compliance standard. By doing so, the software helps consumers fight against inaccurate or misleading information on their credit reports.

Before the introduction of Metro 2 Compliance, the only recognized method of credit repair was factual disputing. This method involves questioning the accuracy and ownership of accounts listed on a credit report. However, Metro 2 Compliance takes a different approach. Instead of asking for verification, it asserts that if information does not meet the compliance standard, it should not be reported at all. This approach holds the credit bureaus accountable for the integrity of the information they report.

When individuals send letters to the credit bureaus, they are not read by humans but fed into a machine called eOscar. This machine is Metro 2 compliant and automates the processing of letters. By sending Metro 2 compliant letters, individuals are speaking the language of the machine, increasing their chances of getting the desired results. On the other hand, sending factually dispute letters may yield some results, but the credit bureaus have more leeway in determining whether to remove the disputed information.

The credit bureaus have a vested interest in keeping items reporting on individuals' credit profiles because they get paid for reporting. This creates a conflict of interest when individuals try to dispute inaccurate information. The credit bureaus may employ tactics to stall the process, claim verification, or provide misleading information. Understanding this dynamic is crucial for individuals seeking to repair their credit and navigate the credit reporting system effectively.

In conclusion, Metro 2 Compliance simplifies credit repair by providing a standardized compliance standard for reporting information on credit profiles.

The software developed by the speaker leverages this compliance standard and incorporates artificial intelligence to streamline the process of generating and sending Metro 2 Compliant letters. By holding the credit bureaus accountable for the accuracy of reported information, individuals have a better chance of repairing their credit and ensuring the integrity of their credit profiles.

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