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Do You Have What It Takes to GROW Your Business?

David & Donni and Brian Waldron Talk Realistic Business Growth
Brian "Billionaire B"
"The offer you don't make is the offer they [clients] can't take." - Billionaire B.

On an euphoric high from the success of the Social Proof Alumi Affair, a one million podcast download month, hitting episode 300 of the Social Proof Podcast, it was only fitting for David & Donni to have a conversation about growth.

Joining them is Brian "Billionaire B." Waldron. If you haven't heard of him, we aren't too sure where you've been hiding.

This young man has made a name for himself by being grossing millions of dollars in event space rentals.

He secured his first event space rental when he was 22 and has been about to grow and eventually scale his business from there.

He was the perfect entrepreneur for David and Donni to chat with about the reality of growth.

We've discussed in this blog and corresponding episodes the importance of understanding the realities of entrepreneurship.

We're pretty sure you understand that, so let's get down to the reality of another major part of business—accepting the reality of growth as it relates to business.

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What The Future Holds

Let's begin here. How intentional are you in the way you move? If that answer is an iffy one, then you may want to tighten your process to support your growth.

Just like flowers and plants need a sound foundation of fertilizer, so does the success of your businesses growth.

Brian stated that growth is a mindset. When set with an intention, growth becomes activated and your directional path will develop.

Conversely, if you are unintentional, so will be your growth.

Pro Tip: Bravely and confidently push and work with intention in your business daily.

Brian feels that sometimes people, for whatever reason, are too afraid to push and let others know about their business. This is problematic because he states, "if they don't know you, they can't flow to you."

That led this group of seven-figure entrepreneurs to rationalize why some people are resistant to talk about and even promote their business. Here's what they think:

Donni: People don't support their company or business publicly because they are afraid of failure.

Brian: They are plagued with subconscious thoughts that they are not ready for or worthy of success.

David: In this superficial society, people do not promote their business on Instagram specifically, because it will affect the look of their page.

Which Point of View On "Why People Don't Promote Their Business" Resonates With You?

  • Donni: Folks are afraid of failure.

  • Brian: Secretly, they don't think they are worthy of success.

  • David: They don't want to mess up that IG grid.

Journal Prompt: Here's a question for you. What limiting beliefs do you have that are keeping you from growing from where you are now? What would happen if you were to push those thoughts aside and believe in you?

Brian recalls have a 50K month, when he sold a "Sell What I Have Package." He didn't wait for things to be perfect, he simply sold what he had.

Sometimes people will not move until things are perfect, causing them to not move at all.

Don't get stuck, move with intentionality.

Have you ever noticed that an idea is most appealing when you first think it? As time goes on, you see how much work this thing entails and suddenly it loses its luster and shine.

Sigh, that is because reality has hit. You realize the dream associated with that idea is really low key, a nightmare. In reality, going for your dream and goal is not sexy at all.

That begs the question, are you ready for the thing that you are actively pursuing?

There are a couple of key ingredients included in the recipe for growth that often people do not consider.

  • The Work

  • The Hustle

  • The Delayed Gratification

Although the ingredient yield may be different depending on the person, they all are present in the growth journey.

David added to this point, the only reward for your hard work is more work.

David Shands sitting on a couch in the studio.
David Shands

Then, on top of that, you gain a new pace of living that most people won't understand.

Friends and family will encourage you to not go so hard, but that is virtually impossible, because that lifestyle has become the only lifestyle you know.

Pro Tip: As you consider your growth journey, ensure you add lifestyle change to the mix. As you grow, change is inevitable. How you operate within the scope of your personal relationships deserves special consideration.

Speaking on the topic of lifestyle as an entrepreneur, Brian introduced an interesting topic, lifestyle inflation, to the conversation.

As you begin to grow, so will your money.

When you have more money at your disposal, your mindset and access elevate too.

Lifestyle inflation is a term to describe how the divide between the things you want and used to sacrifice shrinks because you now have the available resources.

Let's look at an example. Donni is a self-proclaimed foodie. Now that she has money, she admits that she and her family spend what she used to make yearly in corporate America, monthly on food.

Although, I think that is dope, it's something Donni's not proud of. Hey, it happens. She recalls the days before her growth when she was broke and would go out on dates and not eat all of her food so she could take it home so her daughter would have a good meal that night.

Growth is beautiful, isn't it?

The conversation then turned to dating while growing your business.

Brian feels as if people make a mistake of focusing on dating while they are broke and need to focus on business development and growth. In closing, his point was best summed up when he wondered, if someone doesn't like where you are in life, then why are they dating?

Good point.

Donni Wiggins Sitting on a studio couch.
Donni Wiggins

Donni weighed in on the subject by saying, she feels it is ok to date as you grow, but it cannot be the focus. Enjoy companionship as you make your way to greatness.

David's addition to the discussion was the exact opposite of Brian's take and more aligned with Donni's. He urges entrepreneurs to make happiness the goal as they grow. Whether that's dating or not, find YOUR version of happy and no one else's.

What do you think? Vote here and let me know and maybe we'll do an entire Social Proof Blog post based on this topic.

Do you think dating & entrepreneurial growth are possible simultaneously?

  • Yes

  • No

David does feel, however, there are some priorities that shouldn't be focused on as you are growing.

For instance, if you are unable to afford it, why are you eating out daily? Also, your day job should not be your priority as you grow.

If you are still working for a company as you build, then your own company should take precedence over everything.

So anything to help you excel at that should be your focus.

To that end, Donni recalls when in her financially challenging stage before growing, she would constantly hear the saying, it takes money to make money. This would frustrate her because she didn't know how to make that happen.

She did some research and found a $500 mastermind that she invested in. That one action set her up for future growth. In that mastermind she made money months after, that helped her afford another mastermind that got her into a room that really mattered. From what she learned there, she was able to get into a higher room after that. Every step will help you grow. Just be open and make the right choices as they present themselves.

Brian's first mastermind cost 35K. He was one of the lowest earners in the room, but that is what he liked, because the higher earners in the room were more apt to help him out because they have been where he currently was. He learned that the more information he got, the more money he made.

Also, money is energy, and what you put in it is what you get out of it.

On the flip side of that, David added that his priority is helping young entrepreneurs understand the principles of business. He began helping younger people one at a time and then the number grew and he realized the education and help he was giving were needed. He then started his non-profit to help as many young entrepreneurs that he can.

How does the future look?

As you experience growth, the three entrepreneurs encourage you to be optimistic and positive as we close out Q4 and get ready for the next year.

Pro Tip: Be calculated with your growth. For instance, if you have a goal or project that you want to complete, collapse the time of when you need to complete it. Instead of making your due date a day way in advanced reduce the time and decide that you will perform and get it done.

Lastly, what is your end goal? Is it to move from implementation, if you are a service-based business, to consulting? Or are you like David, Donni and Brian, who have the shared goal of moving from operating CEO to business ownership?

Whichever path you choose, realize that growth is a marathon and not a sprint. If this resonated with you, let us know in the comments.

We'll see you in the next upload!

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