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The Social Proof Alumni Event: The Pinnacle of Black Excellence

David Shands Presents, "The Brown Billionaire Ball"

The Social Proof Alumni Affair Ice Sculpture
Photos by @imagesnmyeye

On October 27, 2022, we filled the Southern Exchange Ballroom with the epitome of Black Excellence.

David Shands hosted the second annual Social Proof Alumni Event, highlighting and celebrating entrepreneurs who have shared their excellence with the Social Proof audience. It was truly an evening to remember.

Attendees, adorned in gradients of brown to illustrate the richness of our heritage, dined and danced as a unified collective, celebrating their successes.

David Shands
David Shands - Social Proof Host & Creator

The Alumni Event, emceed by the incomparable Kenny Burns, was a dual purpose event.

Based on the suggestion and coordination of Nehemiah "Neo" Davis, the event was also a fundraiser for David's philanthropic organization, The Entrepreneurship Foundation, LLC. The purpose of the organization is to promote and mentor youth on the importance of entrepreneurship.

Nehemiah, on David's behalf, did a humble ask for donations and the attendees showed out! Collectively they donated a whopping 600K used soley to support this worthy cause.

The generosity of the esteemed attendees humbled David & The Social Proof family.

David also filled the evening with entertainment as Q Parker & Friends (Richard Wingo, J. Holliday, Case, Tamika Scott and more) serenaded the audience with classic old school R&B hits.

The energy and love in the room were palatable, and everyone is in high anticipation of next year's event.

Thank you, David, for highlighting our excellence!

The Shands Family - Andrea, David, Cori & Sarai and Wingo from Jagged Edge
The Shands Family - Sarai, David, Andrea, Cori & Richard Wingo from Jagged Edge

Andrea Shands, Kenny Burns, Dr. Joe Johnson

Donni Wiggins & Candace
Social Proof Family Member Candace & The Social Proof Podcast Co-Host Donni Wiggins

David & Andrea Shands - The Social Proof Alumni Affair
David & Andrea Shands

Myron Golden and Dr. Dharius & Shameka Daniels
Myron Golden and Shameka & Dr. Dharius Daniels

The Social Proof Podcast Co-Host Donni Wiggins
The Social Proof Podcast Co-Host Donni Wiggins

Kesheaf & Domonique Kennedy - Team Social Proof

David Shands & Actress Ernestine Johnson Morrison

Sorai Shands, David Shands, Q Parker
Sarai & David Shands and Singer Q Parker

Sarai and David Shands

David Shands and Donni Wiggins Embrace
David Shands & Donni Wiggins - The Social Proof Podcast

Yanni & Trey - Team Social Proof

David Shands & Kenny Burns
David Shands & Kenny Burns

Kenny Burns Onstage at the Social Proof Alumi Event
Kenny Burns

Jacqueline Schadeck - Melanin Money
Jacqueline Schadeck - Melanin Money

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