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Your Favorite New Orleans Restaraunt - Larry Morrow #407

Entrepreneur opens multiple successful restaurants.

Larry Morrow is the owner of multiple successful restaurants and hospitality ventures. The conversation begins with the speaker expressing surprise at the appearance of the restaurant owner, as it defied his initial expectations. This sets the stage for the discussion on the various establishments owned by the entrepreneur.

Larry explains that he not only owns Morrow's, a high-end restaurant, but also has a larger hospitality business called Marrow Hospitality. He lists several of his establishments, including Monday's, Sun Chung, Treehouse, Marrow's Steakhouse, Spicy Mango, and a new clubstaraunt. David is amazed at the number of restaurants Larry has opened and expresses his own hesitations about starting multiple ventures simultaneously.

Larry acknowledges the challenges of the restaurant industry, where food can spoil if not consumed. However, he emphasizes the support system he has in place, with nearly 300 employees helping to make his ventures successful. He also mentions his ambition and desire to play the long game in the hospitality industry, seeing it as a more sustainable and lucrative option compared to event production.

David expresses curiosity about how Larry manages to open and operate multiple restaurants successfully, considering that many people struggle with just one. Larry attributes his success to his dedication and willingness to take risks. He mentions his investments in real estate and cryptocurrencies, highlighting his entrepreneurial mindset. He also acknowledges that he does not have everything figured out and that his team is constantly learning and problem-solving.

Larry reveals that he has partners in some of his ventures, including his mother and a mentor of one of his brothers. He explains that he initially started moving at a fast pace, leading his mother to step back from the business. He then partnered with his brother's mentor, who may not have a restaurant background but brings valuable skills and support to the table.

David expresses admiration for Marrow's success at a young age. Larry humbly attributes his achievements to his early work experience, starting from a young age and consistently saving money. He mentions working at McDonald's, Chuck E. Cheese, and Finish Line before venturing into entrepreneurship. He recalls working as a lifeguard during the day and doing valet at night before ultimately quitting and becoming his own boss.

Overall, this podcast transcript highlights the entrepreneurial journey of Larry Marrow, an individual who has successfully opened and managed multiple restaurants. It showcases his ambition, dedication, and willingness to take risks, as well as the support system and partnerships that have contributed to his success. Marrow's story serves as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and demonstrates the potential for growth and success in the hospitality industry.

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