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Why 2024 is the Year of the Side Hustle - David & Donni #422

Embrace the side hustle journey.

The podcast episode titled "Embrace the side hustle journey" delves into the topic of entrepreneurship and the value of having a side hustle. The hosts begin by discussing their emotional resilience and how they have learned to control their emotions and avoid lashing out at others. They acknowledge that they still have moments of frustration but have become more emotionally resilient overall.

The hosts then discuss the benefits of being an entrepreneur and express their gratitude for the opportunity to create and choose their own paths every day.

They emphasize that entrepreneurship started as a side hustle for them but has now grown into a full-fledged business. They believe that it is important to pay homage to the side hustle and acknowledge its significance in their journey.

They also address the audience members who currently have a job and a side hustle. They describe this as the sweetest piece of pie, as it allows individuals to experience the excitement of building their own business while still having the security of a job. They reminisce about the moments when they received notifications or orders for their side hustle while at work and how it made them feel like their efforts were worth it.

The hosts highlight the excitement and sense of freedom that comes with starting a business. They compare it to the feeling of being a slave and finally being free. They emphasize the importance of having a vision and working towards a plan to escape a negative situation. They believe that the vision is often sweeter than the actual attainment of success.

They also discuss how the pursuit of financial goals can become a never-ending cycle. Once they reached their goal of making $100,000, they found themselves creating new goals and feeling the need to make even more money. This realization led them to reflect on the importance of gratitude and not becoming ungrateful for what they have achieved.

Side hustle is exciting, but requires maintenance.

David and Donni acknowledge that with success comes responsibility and maintenance. They use the analogy of getting a driver's license to illustrate this point. Before obtaining a license, there is a sense of anticipation and freedom. But once the license is obtained, there are obligations and tasks that come with it, such as running errands for parents. The hosts suggest that this added responsibility can make the initial excitement of achieving a goal less attractive.

They further explain that as an entrepreneur, the side hustle stage is the most beautiful place to be, especially for those who have a job and a dream. The hosts believe that this stage is full of potential and excitement, as every sale and every step forward feels like a significant achievement. They stress the importance of appreciating this stage and not rushing to move on to the next level.

The hosts also address individuals who have a job but are unsure of what to do to supplement their income. They encourage these individuals to embrace their side hustle and use it as an opportunity to explore their passions and potential. They emphasize that even a small amount of effort and consistency can make a significant impact and move the needle towards success.

In conclusion, the podcast episode highlights the excitement and potential of having a side hustle. The hosts emphasize the importance of appreciating and enjoying the side hustle stage, as it is a time of goal-focus and achievement. However, they also acknowledge that success comes with responsibility and maintenance, which can make the initial excitement less attractive. Overall, the episode encourages individuals to embrace their side hustles and appreciate the journey, rather than solely focusing on the end goal.

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