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Where are you going, entrepreneur?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

5 Ways to Secure Your Target w/Actionable Steps

If you don't know about the Morning Meetup, the only entrepreneur community in the country that meets Monday - Friday at 8:00 - 9:00 am EDT, we gotta change that.

This Q&A episode, What Will Move The Needle, is an example of the value the community is privy to. Done every Thursday, the members ask their questions and get them answered by the host, David Shands.

Would you like to join? Join a group who want your success as much as they want their own.

In this Q&A session, David answers a variety of questions, but it all leads back to committing to actionable steps to build the career you want. Tap in. Learn. Share.

Q: Which text messaging platform are you using to connect & engage your following?

Q: How do you not get lost in the "hustle" of business?

A: By securing your target, and taking active steps daily to make sure you reach it. Also, maintain who YOU are as you go for your target. People get lost by trying to be something or someone they're not.

Do the same for yourself.

Finding the way YOU do business will yield your best outcome.

Q: How to keep a steady flow of business?

A: You have to determine what your target is! Be specific. David's goal is to have 2K (2,000) members in the Morning Meetup group.
He didn't change a thing about himself or processes to get there.
But he did hire someone to run ads for him. That was his play.

Pro Tip: Link your target to a tangible. David finds numbers work best when naming your target. Find your ultimate goal and then work backward, hitting milestones along the way to achieve it.

Ex: If you want to gain 5,000 IG followers in a month.

What can you do each day to make that happen?

When you reach 5K, what's the next target?

Phrase your targets like this: "In ten days I will have _________"

Q: What are your best practices for YouTube?

A: Make your YouTube like a television network. Drop your content consistently by scheduling the time & day and sticking to it.
Consistent to-the-minute scheduling will impact how you grow
& retain viewers.

Pro Tip: You don't need a major following to grow on YouTube. 70% of David's viewers on YouTube aren't subscribers. Consistency is what catches their attention and keeps them coming back.

Q: What is one good tip to help a developing virtual community sustain during tough times?

A: Bring members in faster than they leave. No matter how much advice you give, help and how you literally change lives, people will still leave. It is what is. BUT, with STEADY & CONSISTENT promotion of your community, you will level the playing field by getting new members.

Q: What is a good play to get your t-shirt apparel line traction?

A: Go to local retailers/stores and offer them a consignment deal. Although online retailers are king right, now finding a local retailer may work for you. Try it!

We hope this was valuable to you. If it was, let us know in the comments!
Oh & share this blog with a friend who it could empower.
See you in the next post!

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