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What is your entrepreneurship mission?

Cultivate Your Mission in 1 Minute in 4 Painless Steps

"Life without purpose is slavery." - David Shands

Peace, Social Proof Blog Family! I don't know if you know this, but David has 5 Minute Friday Podcast episodes and they are so dope!

If you're anything like me, I am so busy and love to get my inspiration on the go. Five Minute Fridays give me that and more.

I'm not going to hold you, but I want to share this weeks episode with you.

David boldly proclaims that having a mission is MANDADORY.

This mission should encompass where you want to be in business and how you want to affect the world.

Your number one prioritiy is : GET A MISSION! Life without purpose is that again.


1. Define what the mission is. WHAT is your gift? WHAT skills come naturally to you?

2. Make a list of what the world needs that you can do.

3. Become a better leader. Be the leader that YOU would follow. Leave every place better than you found it. Build something that helps people.

4. Get familiar with failure. David cut off at this point but know this, not everything is always going to work out. But you'll never know the outcome unless you get in the race.

Let's Go!!!!!!

Find the full episode on all streaming platfroms.

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