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What Happens When You Invest in YOU?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Rethink Your Investment Strategy w/Red Panda's Ian Dunlap

David Shands & Red Panda's Ian Dunlap

The mutual respect and admiration between the genius minds of The Social Proof Podcast host David Shands and Ian "The Master Investor" Dunlap created a high-frequency of energy.

We, the Social Proof Podcast audience, were like flies on a wall, listening in on a conversation between the high-level entrepreneurs. We were privy to information that we don't readily get, because typically this high level of knowledge is reserved for people who are members of an inner circle or secret mastermind group.

But in his captivating way, David invites the audience to be a part of the conversation, enabling us to learn plays to benefit our entrepreneurial journey.

This information shared in this episode will sharpen your business acumen, and mindset.

Although the topic began with investment tactics and stocks, it morphed into something greater. In the nearly two-hour long episode, which only felt like fifteen minutes, this episode was explosive!

Let's get into it! But before we do, you already know what comes next.

Grab your fave beverage, your journal, pen, an open mind, and get into this blog post. There were so many jewels in this podcast and picking the top five was difficult.

After you read this blog, view the podcast episode on YouTube or download it from your favorite streaming platforms.

Ian Dunlap Red Panda
"Either I can tell the truth or give the answers for good content."
- Ian Dunlap
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The Man, "The Master Invester"

Ian Dunlap is a native of East Chicago, Indiana. Like most successful entrepreneurs, he started his first business endeavor, a marketing company, when he was a junior at Indiana University. From there, he got his first taste of developing business strategy.

From his marketing company, he learned the psychology of people and how to get people to take action. This knowledge and skill were two major components that he used to become the "Master Invester."

But the secret sauce to Ian's success is his strict discipline and ability to speak truth to power.

After graduating college, Ian was working as most people do, grinding hard to make ends meet.

But he soon discovered, not everyone was forced to live that reality.

In 2008, as the United States economy was on the verge of an economic recession, one of Ian's friends was unscathed. He actually was making the most money he had in his life.

Thoroughly impressed and curious, Ian asked him how he was doing so well. His friend told him he'd begun investing in the stock market.

After a brief explanation, Ian was hooked.

He dived in and gained as much information as he could.

In 2020, Ian rose to prominence in the mainstream as he partnered with the behemoth podcasting duo, Earn Your Leisure for the fan favorite Marketing Mondays, an Apple Podcast five-star rated podcast.

When he first emerged, the public didn't know he was. He wanted it that way.

Ian had become the "greatest known unknown." Shrouded in anonymity, he had become a master of all things, investing without everyone on social media knowing.

He had masterfully crafted an online investment club, Red Panda, in 2013.

Red Panda's Ian Dunlap

Red Panda is an annual membership stock community that features two different tiers. There is the free trading program, Sniper, and the main product, The Red Panda Academy Stock Club.

His intention is to inform and educate our people about how critical investing is. Armed with facts to back it up, Ian teaches in Red Panda that investing is , a direct source of money where they can control the flow.

With the information he teaches, he's literally changing lives.

The club members meet weekly on a call with Ian, where they discuss the best investment plays and also strategic plays for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

So, when the world met him in 2020, he wasn't new. He'd done the work and already had a growing community behind him.

That is one play that Ian has mastered—moving in silence and getting his fan fare and attention from the results of his community members.

Let's get into these stats. For the last two years, the Red Panda Academy has made 80 millionaires from scratch and nearly 900 six figure owners. This is in addition to the members he helped before 2020.

With numbers like that, there is no need to post on social media proving he has skills. He is the only stock advisor/investor of his kind in his lane. He talks the talk because he can back it up.

Actually, his community does the speaking for him.

If you haven't noticed by now, Ian Dunlap is built different.

He got his success by not cutting corners, and not taking the easy way out.

Ian put in the work.

Ian spent, and currently spends, 12 hours a day on his craft. He researches investments and devises plays based on an in-depth study of financial markets. He also reads fifty pages daily about his craft.

That is a dedication that many don't have.

Ian believes this is the only way for one to become insanely successful in their craft. All the historical greats have done the same: Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Tiger Woods and the late and great Kobe Bryant.

He finds that people get too wrapped up and focus heavily on being seen on social media and not building their craft to support longevity.

Life has taught Ian those constantly on social platforms are also the loudest and flashiest and are typically broke.

Ian Dunlap and David Shands - The Social Proof Podcast

"Real wealth is quiet, the real money is quiet."
- Ian Dunlap

Specifically, when it comes to our people, when we get a little piece of money and have to let the world know. We invest in Italian brands, but yet don't invest in ourselves our business.

The need to stunt outweighs the need to be great, and Ian doesn't understand the logic.

Reinvesting in yourself or business is a strategic play that can prevent this. This paramount play that can lead you to success you couldn't imagine.

Consider This: Journal about this.

Are you putting in work daily to better your business or craft? Let me know your best practices in the comments.

Secondly, Ian has a strategy that has built organic traffic for him and his brand. He gives an insane amount of value and then gets paid on the backend.

By leveraging free knowledge, he gains assets with established relationships in the future. Remember, a major part of business success is who you know. When you help others, they are more apt to help you.

Let's keep it 100. If Ian works on his craft 12 hours a day, does that leave time for anything else?

The short answer is no. The charismatic mogul doesn't believe in balance is possible, but is working on his version of it. He urges entrepreneurs when finding a romantic partner to make sure they believe in your vision from the start. If they don't believe in you from the start, they never will.

Outside of investing internally, there are some external investments that Ian urges entrepreneurs to consider.

  • Look for the investment opportunity in every situation. A majority of businesses were started with investments, spot them early and take advantage.

  • Learn your business models. For instance, "the virus-based model" enables an entrepreneur to silently "infect" a company or industry with your product and skill and convert over to only using you. You don't have to invest capital. You just need the knowledge of when to spot a trend before it happens. An example of this is Elon Musk, who is infiltrating California with Tesla, as they lobby to make Electric Vehicles the only cars on their roads by 2035. Elon is building the framework now for Tesla to be the primary provider of EVs, thereby adding more to his existing wealth. Learn your business models!

  • Analyze your business. Answer three questions: What can tear your business apart? What are your three biggest weaknesses? What are your three biggest strengths?

  • For creatives, he urges you to own your intellectual property outright! 365 deals happen in many industries, not just in the music industry. Learn to structure your deals so they benefit you. Get equity and have ownership in your brand/company.

  • Also, creatives, your talent gets you in the door, but the business sustains you.

  • Build on a bigger scale and do it quietly. Not everything has to be told. Show it when the time is right.

  • Before getting investment advice, ask the investment advisor two questions. Do you do this for a living? Can I talk to three or four clients you've helped?

These are just a few actions to incorporate into your day-to-day. If you implement them, let us know how it goes in the comments.

Ian  "Master Investor" Dunlap
- Ian Dunlap

Never one to be timid or shy, Ian addressed one of the most controversial topics within business and personal debt investing—to have debt or not to have debt. That's the question.

Ian's belief is simple. He has no debt. Leveraging debt is only good until it isn't. He finds being debt free allows a certain freedom and creativity that accruing debt doesn't.

Also, leveraging debt is a play that works for the others, but does not work for "us." Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

Ian Dunlap and his brilliant mind are certain to have a brilliant future. He hopes to become an advisor to those with quiet wealth, advising them on how to prolong and build their wealth. He ultimately wants to be less visible and have peace with himself, his friends and family. However, it goes, we will continue to feel his impact for decades.

Would you like to join the Red Panda Academy? Ian Dunlap is offering an exclusive discount to Morning Meetup & The Social Proof Podcast Family. Click below to gain revenue by changing your investment strategy.

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