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What Does Your IG Say About Your Brand?: An Instagram Audit Case Study

Entrepreneur Q&A with Lawrence Hicks

We're coming straight out of the gate with a journal prompt in this post! Grab your favorite journal and a pen and write the answer to this question: Are you successful?

The notion of success is highly subjective and will never be the same way to different people

Considering your success quotient as you develop yourself as an entrepreneur is vital, because it enables you to look at your shortcomings and build strengths to counter them.

Successful or not, you will have questions as you travel the hilly terrain of entrepreneurship.

That is why the Social Proof Podcast Entrepreneur Q&A's exist, as an interactive way for entrepreneurs to ask questions and find their solutions with The Social Proof Podcast Host, David Shands.

In this episode of the Q&A, David welcomes entrepreneur Lawrence Hicks, an expert on how to achieve credit deletions by suing the credit bureaus.

Lawrence has an e-book dedicated to helping others understand their rights when relating to credit bureaus regarding line item disputes on their personal credit reports.

He's been doing this for a while, but is having difficulties marketing his brand and services.

Marketing is a beast anyway you look at it, but in this case, David takes a specific look at social media marketing/management via Instagram. By view Lawrences's Instagram page together, we learn, through Lawrence, ways to enhance our social presence.

Let's start as we often do with mindset.

Pro-Tip: There is no way of escaping the impact that social media has on your brand and business. If you aren't a fan of social media, flip the dynamic in your mind. Instead of making it a chore, think of it as a tool used to advance your brand.

David dissects Lawrences Instagram step-by-step. We've broken it down into a questionnaire format so that you can perform this audit for yourself.

Before you move forward, we are trying to get this free game to as many entrepreneurs as possible. Could you please share this post with five different people within your network?

Don't be stingy, share this free game!

Ok, let's get to the audit.

Social Media Audit

A social media audit is something that should be done frequently to ensure your social media is working as hard as you are.

Let's start with arguably the most vital part of your Instagram page: your bio. You have a limited amount of space, so use it wisely and intentionally. Let's break down each part.

As it relates to Lawrences, page he has a luxury car as the profile picture. That particular car was a favorite of his and he knows that vehicles draw attention so he used it.

David said he understood the logic of using the car, and we'd like to add to that.

Pro-Tip: Make sure your pic resonates with what you do. It isn't a stretch for Lawrence to add the car pic because ideally, you can purchase a luxury item with optimal credit. So, it aligns. Make sure your pic does the same for your brand.

In the example with Lawrence, he terms himself as a financial literacy expert. He explained to David that he has expert knowledge about financial literacy and execution. Additionally, he has an academy where customers can take classes. It all ties in together because the first step to financial freedom is knowledge of finances to achieve optimal credit.

Pro-Tip: Make it clear for potential clients to understand exactly what you do and why they would want to learn more. Generate excitement with clients by including a line of marketing copy in your bio chiefly aligned with your most beneficial offer to your clients.

David has been on social media for a minute. He started with his t-shirt brand Sleep is For Suckers and he uses it for his IG handle. Since the brand has been around for a minute, it may be too confusing for his followers if he were to change it.

But if you are building your brand, the thought process will be different.

Does your Instagram name clearly state who you are and what you do? Is it easy to repeat and remember?

Lawrence's IG handle, @iomdub4, is an acronym for his t-shirt line.

David suggests that he consider an alternate Instagram handle that he can lean into and market with a direct tie to what he does and changing it to something that is easier for people to repeat and share.

Pro-Tip: Does your IG name contain brand recognition and is easy for people to remember and say? Remember, simplify to keep you and your brand top of mind with your niche market.

Do you have too many links highlighting too many parts of your business in your bio?

David is super intentional about growing his online community, the Morning Meetup. He changed his bio Linktree link and only includes the Morning Meetup Link. His membership numbers have increased since then.

The Morning Meetup Logo

Stop doing entrepreneurship alone! Join a community of entrepreneurs just like you who meet online daily Monday - Friday at 8AM!

Join. Connect. Grow.

Is your content too salesy?

For David's IG, he doesn't leave flyers for upcoming events on his page, because he wants visitors to enjoy it. Don't misunderstand, it is ok to advertise your events by creating posts, but they shouldn't live on your page.

Is your Instagram content targeted at what you want to teach?

We cannot stress this enough. Inform, inform and inform. Give your audience content they learn from.

Pro-Tip: Make a list of 50 things you want to teach your audience and make content around these things. It builds trust and will encourage them to buy your product and service.

People can get the information everyday on Google or your page for free. but they won't. That is why digital products are in a lane of their own.

As it relates to social media in general, remember this...

Ok, as we close, you have to be honest...did you learn anything in this post? If this was valuable to you, let us know in the comments.

We'll see you in the next upload.

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