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[WARNING]: 3 Topics Entrepreneurs Don't Want to Talk About

David & Donni Take a Hard Look At How We Dim Our Own Shine in Business Operations

Do you know what we don't talk enough about in entrepreneurship?

The topics that we sometimes don't want to face, you know, the critical but less sexy side of entrepreneurship.

Specifically, what do your business operations look like?

There are many aspects of ops to explore, but we picked three to highlight in this blog post.

First up is...

Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

This is a broad topic, so let's look at how it relates to our personal lives and, by extension, our businesses. From being a person of our word, to keeping time obligations to ourselves and others, we sometimes don't place enough emphasis on this intentional principle.

How often have you told someone that you will call them back in five minutes, but that five minutes turns into the next day?


How about this one—you've told yourself that you will go to the gym two out of three days in the week, and the reality is you don't make it to one day, let alone three? are not alone.

Let's keep going, shall we? Second up is...

Impatience: The tendency to be impatient causing irritability or restlessness

So many of us want to be leaps and bounds from where we are in life and our business, but are we doing what it takes to get there?

***DISCLAIMER***: This blog post is going to be a crucial insightful one. Specifically, we want you to take an inventory of yourself to get better. As always, we recommend you grab a journal or a notebook and write some things down and spend some time in reflection. Now that is out of the way. Let's get back to work.

We have one more topic to mention before we dive into the work. Next up is...

Apathy: Lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern

How often is there something in our business that WE KNOW has to get done for our business to operate at the highest level it deserves to operate on, yet we don't do it?

If you feel exposed right now, take a moment to not judge yourself but face these topics head on so you and your business can be better.

If you feel you can get more value by watching the podcast episode, we've added the link below to take you directly there. Oh, and make sure you hit the subscribe button when you get there!

If you're going to stay and keep reading, let's get to work.

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Table of Knowledge

Donni, while having a conversation with a friend, was told that she was a liar.

She was shook!

He continued by explaining how she constantly tells little white lies without realizing it. She then thought about it.

Often she has told someone that she would call them back in five minutes, but she doesn't. She admitted there was a nugget of truth in the statement.

Donni would intend to make the call later, but she won't get done at that moment, as she told that person.

David added to the conversation that he does that with going to the gym. His feeling is there, but it never happens.

Donni then brings up a good point that a feeling without intention doesn't make that thing happen.

This statement takes the conversation to a new level.

As it relates to affirming things, Donni, a believer in manifestation and the law of attraction, suggests that David begin to affirm things in his life as if they already are, basically aligning the intention of the action to increase self-integrity and accountability.

Does that resonate with you?

Consider This: Where can you have more integrity in your life and business? How has it affected the operation of your business? Begin with setting intentions in your life and watch how these patterns transcend to your business.

That brings us to the next point. Other entrepreneurs constantly ask Donni and David how to get into masterminds and other rooms that count.

This request prompts them to ask if the entrepreneur if they're ready to get into the rooms that they seek to improve their business ops.

If they aren't quite ready, there is another option.

Donni stated that there are only two different types of masterminds, those for free or those with a fee.

Take a moment and think about this. How's your circle looking? Can you create your own mastermind now? This will get you ready to get into the rooms that you strive to be in.

Consider This: Before you invest in a costly mastermind, are you able to build something on your own with like-minded entrepreneurs on your level?

At the beginning of their growth, David & Donni joined forces with two other entrepreneurs to form their own mastermind.

They had a very productive meeting.

Although they all never met again together at the same time, they accomplished things within small groups within the whole group. They never stopped masterminding.

Then, once you get that popping, you still have to make sure you continually build momentum and tangible progress that provides social proof of your company.

Continuously accomplish and make moves to draw people and relationships to you.

David thinks about when he met Donni for the first time. She may not have been apt to connect and work with him if he didn't have a t-shirt line that was grossing 70K annually.

Think of this as you transition to the next level to get in the rooms with higher-level entrepreneurs. The more you accomplish, the easier it will be for you to get in the room.

Also, when you get there, will you add value to the room and the mastermind? Its easier to get a seat at the table in the rooms that you want when you add value.

Practical Example: David met Tony Abrahams, who used to work for Diddy as his CFO. David's best friend, Brandon, is his nephew and told Tony about David and the success of his t-shirt line. Tony wanted to meet with David and they had a great conversation. That conversation wouldn't have happened if David didn't have any measurable success.

To close out this section, remember when you start making moves, maximize on the momentum when it happens.

Be excited about the next win. Your happiness and excitement will be contagious, and other people will want to witness your growth.

The strategies we just reviewed will help prepare you and your brand for the next levels you want to see.

The next and final part of the podcast was when things got real. David & Donni went there and told the truth of what it's like to not face vitally important business aspects. Specifically, business operations.

Consider This: Are certain operational aspects getting neglected because you they are not your strong suit or where your interest lies? Does your lack of interest cause procrastination?

Donni admitted that she and David are master procrastinators. Are you?

What happens is entrepreneurs often get so involved with the things they like to do in their businesses and neglect the things that seem like boring.

Does that seem familiar to you? Do the things you are passionate about receive your focus?

For David, his experience of indifference to doing tasks he didn't enjoy was slightly different.

After conversing with a business colleague, he realized he does not know how to higher team members properly, because he'd never been taught.

Typically, he hires for a necessity, and that is not always the best move.

Solution: You don't know what you don't know. That's step one. Secondly, do some life mapping. Identify what feels good to you and bring you the most joy. Do this for your life and your business and fill in any gaps, accordingly.

Practical Example: Be honest with where you are. David admitted to Donni there are gaps in his business and he asked her to help him get back on track.


How are you holding up after this blog post? Was it valuable to you? Let us know in the comment section below.

We'll see you in the next upload.

We appreciate you.

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