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Real Estate Brokerage—The Ultimate Brokerage Play

Quiana Watson Breaks Down The Formula of Real Estate Brokerage

Real estate is quite an enigma from the outside looking in.

We all know, in theory, the power that it has on the economy, but for some, that is where the explanation begins and ends.

With all the terms, policies and procedures, it's easy to get confused.

Atlanta-based mega real estate broker and real estate agent, Quiana Watson, graces the Social Proof Podcast audience with her witty brain for real estate sales, land development and real estate brokerage.

If you have been on the fence and waiting for a sign that now is your time to break into real estate, this podcast upload and blog is for you.

Grab your journal, pen and let's get into the content of this informative episode.

Table of Knowledge

Regardless of what industry you strive to work in, you don't have to grow alone! Join every morning at 8 AM Monday - Friday.

If you are a fan of real estate reality television, you have most likely seen Quiana Watson's megawatt smile on television.

But behind that smile is a dedicated real estate professional who is the owner of Watson Realty Co, a boutique, full-service Atlanta real estate firm committed to delivering the best real estate outcomes to clientele.

Also, Quiana is Atlanta's TOP real-estate broker.

Her journey was like most transplants to Atlanta, her field of interest presented itself through the people she met. She did not move here with the intention of getting into real estate, but it called to her.

She dated a man who was involved in real estate, and it piqued her interest.

She dove in head first and became an agent. Years later, she became a high-performing agent and then began her own brokerage.

At the time of this recording, her brokerage has amassed a whopping $80 million in housing closing revenue and has a goal of reaching $100 million. Oh, and she closed $20 million of those sales as on her own as an agent.

So, let's start here with becoming a successful real estate agent and then share the progression of how to move into brokerage.

We all know that David is about showing progress and growth, so they started with the basics—year one expectation of a budding real estate agent.

Quiana sets the record straight by making it clear. When you first begin with real estate, it is not the glamorous depiction that you see on social media.

It's joining someone's team and going after the smaller business closings before reaching the multi-million dollar homes.

It's all about gradual growth and the realistic knowledge of the process of working your way up.

After years of being an agent, she began to study more and more about working with a brokerage company as a real estate agent.

Her experiences helped her notice a trend. Agents do a great deal of work and they get paid last after everyone else gets their cut. She realized that the bigger part of the real estate game was becoming a broker and getting a percentage of all earnings that the agents bring in.

Now, that is a play! By essentially providing operational stability and the benefit of working with someone with knowledge, the state is set for success.

You see, the brokerage will have all the backend processing set up, so you will be in an environment to learn and earn. Would you like to know more about the virtues of real estate brokerage?

Click here to hear the benefits of being in and having your own real estate brokerage.

Ok, so we're not going to hold you but want you to realize that real estate game can be challenging to break into, but we urge you to research and learn from the best.

Checking out this episode is a good place for you to start! We'll see you in the next upload.

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