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The Top Secret Why Your Business Isn't Solid

10 Reasons How Consistency Is the Ultimate Cheat-Code

What do your patterns say about YOU?

If you are like Russell Westbrook, and are hitting a shoulder shrug in response to this question, then it's time to do some serious evaluation.

In this landmark, 300th episode of the Social Proof Podcast, David & Donni reflect on how they got to this monumental accomplishment.

Studies show that most people do not make it to six podcast episodes, let alone 300!

David started the Social Proof Podcast before Donni joined him on episode #59, so that means she was there for 241 episodes! That's wild!

David & Donni are no different from anyone else. There is no hidden secret or formula that they used that is not accessible to everyone.

They activated a tool that we ALL can use that David calls the ULTIMATE cheat code: consistency.

David Shands Studio Mural
The Creators Clubhouse Mural

David believes this so much that he has a mural painted on the wall of his studio giving away this free game!

But the issue is, will you apply it and make it work for your benefit?

Would you like to know how you can become consistent if it doesn't come to you naturally?

Say less, David & Donni have you! In this podcast episode, they go over the top ten reasons on how to move from neutral to drive and activate the cheat code.

Before David started working at the Cheesecake Factory, he worked many jobs as he started his entrepreneurial journey. He'd only stay a certain amount of time at each job and then would move on to something else.

When he started working at the Cheesecake Factory, he made it up in his mind that he would stick with that job until his entrepreneurial dreams popped. That determinism helped him transition to greatness with his brand, life and company.

Action Item: Think of your track history and patterns. If you constantly stop & start projects, ask yourself why? Is it because you struggled with something? If so, write the things you struggle with down then seek people who can help you solve the problems to prevent quitting.

Donni adds to that by suggesting you get M.A.D., Make A Decision. Your consistency can't become reality unless you decide it will be a priority. Nothing great will happen until consistency becomes a part of the strategy.

That leads to #2.

#2 Decide you'll be consistent.

Just like anything in life, good or bad, consistency is a habit. We can accomplish nothing great in this world without it. Consistency is greatness, so decide that you will be on a path to achieve both. Create a plan to get yourself there.

Action Item: Pick something small to do consistently, like going for a walk or doing something physical, or doing at least ten minutes of daily meditation. This will nurture the habit and help you obtain consistency at higher levels.

#3 Decide what you'll be consistent with.

Don't get it twisted. Accomplishing minor tasks consistently will not get you to a bigger and better business, but it will create a consistency habit and will affect how you show up in life in other aspects.

Action Item: Implement the same strategy you made in number two for your business. What does that look like? Spending three hours a day making connections with other business or clients who can impact your bottom line? Use the habit-building skills you built in your personal life to achieve consistency in your business.

#4 Hold yourself accountable... actually have someone else hold you accountable.
Donni Wiggins - The Social Proof Podcast

How many times have we said we are on a fitness journey, tell no one and then fall off the plan within the first 48 hours?

Hey, we are all human and it happens.

The error is by not sharing our plans with anyone else; we leave accountable in our hands, which often doesn't work. We let ourselves down all the time, that it doesn't even feel bad. There are no consequences for not being consistent, so we stop. Sigh.

Action Item: Enlist the help of an accountability partner to help keep you on track. This person should be someone that you don't want to disappoint and also, they will follow up with you and call you out for not sticking to your plan. Also, this should be someone that you don't want to disappoint. That will help you keep the consistency flowing.

#5 Make sure you are being consistent doing the right things.

The following bar is fresh from the desk and brilliant mind of Donni Wiggins.
- Donni Wiggins

David & Donni - The Social Proof Podcast

Woooooo, that was a word!

How often do we fall prey to getting new information and doing absolutely nothing with it?

There's more to consistency that repetitive action. It has to be action, doing the correct thing to drive you and your business forward.

Donni notices that the same couple of people comment underneath the Social Proof Podcast videos on YouTube, always claiming that they will get something started, yet they haven't taken action.

Speaking of which, have you subscribed to the Social Proof Podcast YouTube page? If not, click subscribe, so you never miss an upload.

Action Item: Ask yourself a hard question: Why are you committed to consistently focusing on the wrong things? Take a moment to really understand why. Write it down in your journal and find the answer.

What are you waiting for? You show up to the episodes and the blog posts our team provides, yet you don't take action.


David admits he and Donni are not consistent people, but that they are consistent in a few things. You have to prioritize on what items are on your list.

Action Item: Make a priority list.

#6 Break your goal down into bite-sized pieces.

Figure out what the most important aspect of your big goal deserves top priority in your journey.

For The Social Proof Podcast, David wanted viewers to have a consistent schedule so they could plan their lives to include the show. That means every single Monday they started recording. Eventually it grew to a full posting schedule, but it began with one day.

#7 Create a schedule and stick to it.

Schedule the time.

David & Donni put on their schedules to meet at a certain time each week to record and that is what they do: rain or shine.

Most times, people aren't consistent because they may not have an action plan to get them to consistency. It all starts with your schedule.

Action Item: How do you manage your time? If you have a calendar/agenda book, take it out and do the following.
  1. Fill in all your standing appointments. (hair appointments, your children's activities, etc.)

  2. If you are working a job, write down those hours using the heading, "Build Somebody Else's Dream." Write this for each day of the week.

You'll look at this calendar and see all the things that you are consistently doing for others and something should click in your mind. You should realize there is NO reason why you can't give yourself time to do the work for YOURSELF.

#8 Constantly improve to get consistent growth.

Let's start off with a simple example. What if you want to get better at making your bed? Do minor daily improvements based on that goal.

If you want to make your bed up quicker, time yourself and learn to skills to get more consistent with it.

When you get quicker, make another goal, to make it neater. Once that goal hits, make another. Never stay in one level of consistency.

Action Item: Select something you do daily and make it better. Chart your progress.

#9 Eliminate the unnecessary steps.

Keeping with the bed analogy, Donni encourages you to eliminate unnecessary steps.

The top sheet of the bed was wearing her out, so she eliminated it because it created anxiety for her.

We do not edit the Social Proof Podcast for YouTube. What you see is what you get. Not having the episodes edited, we've eliminated a step that does not delay the release process/schedule and allows us to deliver an authentic product to our audience.

Action Item: What are the unnecessary steps that you can eliminate in your business or project?


If you are struggling with consistency, it's because the process looks undesirable to you.

You want the result and the outcome but, the pieces in the middle don't seem worth it but they are.

Action Item: Decide what you want your outcome to be and focus on the process and the journey to that thing.

David Shands The Social Proof Podcast

- David Shands

Your reward is consistency!

David celebrated ten years of quitting his job on October 1, 2022. He was reward career freedom.

YOU owe it yourself to lock in and get consistent. Let's help each other out! Write in the comments some of your consistent best practices.

We'll see you in the next upload!


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