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The SECRET to Monetizing Your Message - Jeremy Anderson & Jessica Lundy #437

Speaker monetization secrets revealed.

In the podcast episode titled "Speaker Monetization Secrets Revealed," the hosts discuss how to make money as a speaker without having to do physical work or sell products or services. They introduce their guest, Jessica Lundy, who is a keynote writing coach and has been a professional speaker for over 10 years.

The episode begins with the hosts expressing their excitement about learning how to make money as a speaker. They mention that they have seen their students make more money speaking, even with fewer followers or subscribers, which has made them feel jealous. They introduce Jessica as their keynote writing coach and explain that she works with top-tier speakers to help them reformat their messages and deliver speeches that can earn them $10,000 to $30,000.

Jessica shares her background, stating that she used to be the face of a news network and transitioned to become a professional speaker. She started working with college students because she had personal experiences with depression and anxiety and wished she had someone to talk about these issues when she was younger. She explains that universities hire her to speak at events like orientation and commencements, and she also works with higher education professionals and corporate clients.

The hosts are impressed by Jessica's experience and ask her how long she has been speaking. She reveals that she has been speaking for about 10 years and that even when she was a TV host, she received requests to speak at commencements and career days. She shares a pivotal moment when she was doing an eighth-grade graduation speech and realized that she wanted to dedicate herself to speaking full-time. She had a conversation with God about her purpose and decided to focus on pouring into the next generation rather than pursuing the glitz and glam of TV.

The episode ends with the hosts acknowledging Jessica's dedication to helping others and her passion for making a difference. They express their gratitude for having her on the podcast and for sharing her insights on speaker monetization.

In conclusion, the podcast episode "Speaker Monetization Secrets Revealed" provides valuable insights into how speakers can make money without traditional methods like selling products or services. Jessica Lundy, the guest speaker and keynote writing coach, shares her journey and experiences as a professional speaker and highlights the importance of aligning one's purpose with their speaking career. Listeners are left with a greater understanding of the potential for success and impact in the field of professional speaking.

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