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The Price of Love: Exploring the Cost of Upper Echelon Matchmaking - Social Proof HOT SEAT #19

Dating coach offers unique services.

This episode revolves around the unique services offered by a dating coach named Shay Primus. Primus discusses her business and the various services she provides to her clients. She emphasizes the importance of getting to know her clients in order to match them with compatible partners.

Primus charges different rates for her services, starting from $5,000 for matchmaking. One of the standout aspects of Primus's business is the inclusion of additional services such as sex therapy, regular therapy, dating coaching, and photo shoots. She believes that these services set her apart from her competitors and provide added value to her clients. Primus mentions that all her clients are wealthy, and she keeps her $5,000 rate as a middle-class option. She also mentions that she is open to payment arrangements for those who cannot afford the full amount upfront.

Despite offering unique services, Primus expresses her struggle with exposure. She acknowledges that there are people who need her services but are unaware of her existence. This highlights the importance of marketing and advertising efforts in reaching potential clients. Primus seeks advice on how to increase her exposure and attract more people to her business.

Interestingly, Primus reveals that she is also actively dating and believes that her personal experience in the dating world makes her better at what she does. She shares that she goes on many dates and meets great men, which she teaches her clients to do as well. She emphasizes the importance of attracting a certain level of partner by being at that level oneself.

The podcast transcript also delves into Primus's philosophy on dating and relationships. She differentiates between dating and courtship, stating that dating is about collecting data and getting to know different people. She advises her clients not to commit to someone until that person expresses a serious interest in exclusivity. Primus believes that it is the man's responsibility to take the woman off the market by expressing his desire for exclusivity.

The podcast host challenges Primus's perspective, suggesting that if someone is genuinely interested in another person, they should lock into that relationship. The host argues that women often get hurt when they commit to someone who is not interested in exclusivity. The host suggests having a conversation about exclusivity when both parties have established a connection.

In conclusion, the podcast transcript highlights the unique services offered by Shay Primus as a dating coach. Primus's business stands out due to the additional services she provides and her focus on matching clients with compatible partners.

However, she faces the challenge of exposure and seeks advice on how to reach more potential clients. The transcript also explores Primus's philosophy on dating and relationships, emphasizing the importance of not committing until exclusivity is expressed. Overall, Primus's business and approach to dating coaching offer a distinctive perspective in the industry.

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