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Craft a Millionaire Mindset With This 1 Tactic

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Make Your Money Work for YOU!

Ask yourself this?

What separates a millionaire from someone working and trading their skill and time for money only to put it into a bank account?

It's quite simple actually—knowledge.

WAIT! Don't click off this blog post just yet...stick around to learn more.

Don't have time to watch the full episode? No worries, listen to it now below!

If you can read the blog, you know the drill, grab a pen, paper, your journal and get ready to take notes. You are going to learn a concept that, when combined with strategic plays, will take your understanding of business to the next level.

Let's go!!!!

David and Donni went IN, on this podcast episode! Their primary goal?

To provide value and education for the Social Proof Podcast audience.

To be clear, they give value each time they convene in the studio. But in episode #294, they gave the audience more than they expected.

Utilizing strategic communication like skilled baseball players, David pitched Donni the question, and she hits a home run.

Would you like to get started?

But, before we do that, here's a question for you.

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What do you do with your money?

David asked Donni this question, and it's one you should ask yourself. In order to make your money grow, you need to analyze your patterns to determine where you are currently with your business revenue and how you can improve.

Donni's Power Play: Put yourself on a payment schedule. Donni takes 15% of her earnings and pays herself on the 1st and 15th of the month from the revenue she earns from her company. Follow the profit first model. Have a main bank account for main income/revenue and then divvy up the rest from there.

Once your money is in the bank, don't leave it there. It's doing you no good. That is a novice business owner play or someone who doesn't have the knowledge of the "one thing."

What is the "one thing"?

David doesn't save money for rainy days as we're taught to do in our education system. He saves to invest the money it into an asset that will grant him a return.

That is the power play.

By activating and using "good debt," he does the "one thing." Leveraging his money by borrowing against an asset and using those funds to make his move.

He's utilizing OPM (Other Peoples Money) and scaling up his return.

Here's an example. If there is a 100K property you want to buy and turn into a group home, then DON'T USE your liquid cash. Use someone else's.

Donni's Power Play: Get funding for the purchase. Take out a 100K loan instead and pay it back. Continue to build out your process and make payments over time. This is a much better position, as you prepare the house to be an asset, like a money-making group home. Meanwhile, you still have your 100K in the bank free to use in other ways. Donni can not stress this enough: "Stop using too much of your own cash for growth!"

Owner Financing

In full disclosure, David shared with the Social Proof Audience at one time he was slightly behind on filing his taxes. But he wanted to buy a large asset, a building.

But, as you know, the bank will not give loan financing without seeing the most recent tax returns for the business. Instead of giving up, David researched to find another way to make the play.

He set the intention to find an answer, and it happened.

Someone he was chatting with advised him to have the owner of the property act as the "bank" in the transaction. Specifically, you just pay and set up financing through them, instead of going through an actual bank.


He began searching for buildings with an owner willing to do that type of deal with him. He found a building around the corner from his and he called to negotiate terms. The owner wanted a certain percentage amount down, interest payments for five years, and then a balloon payment for the balance so David could own it outright. That's how the Creators Clubhouse came into existence.

This was a good move for David because, typically, 70% of consumers that do owner financing default on the agreement and aren't able to pay fully. But since the owner has gotten a lump sum up front, there is no loss to them. The consumer will default and the property will be returned to the owner. Since has gained money from the initial payment and any interest payments paid, it's a win for him.

Donni's Power Play: Donni recapped David's business deal and used it as an example to double down on her statement of not fully using your liquid assets. Had David used cash to pay for the building outright, it would not have been the best financially sound play. However, he did a smaller percentage of his funds to secure the deal and then simultaneously, on the backend, he invested in another asset. That asset gave him the capital to complete the terms and own the building.

But realize the play here!

Acquiring the other assets prevented David from having to pay on the interest monthly and barely touching the principal balance. Had he kept that payment schedule, it would have potentially drained his pockets of liquid cash.



Money depreciates.

Having money in the bank doesn't make you earn, it actually loses its value! That is why you must find a way to multiply your money and make it grow. That is what we mean by making your money work for you. Find investments that will make you money faster.

Donni's Power Play: If you are unsure of when and how much you can invest, then use this as your guide. If you have a year's worth of money, specifically twelve months of business operating and living expenses, then invest everything else. If you are physically doing something and keep taking away from the money you earn, you will go broke. Diversify your portfolio financially to survive. For example, investing in hedge funds, multi-family home real estate and stock market if you have the knowledge.

Know before you grow!

David also urges everyone to realize your goals and visions for financial growth are going to be different from everyone others play, so do what works best for you.

Going back to his example, by putting the money in the building, he can repurpose the interest percentage he would have paid into another asset.

Donni's Power Play: Do not miss this, a bad business deal is a bad business deal if not supported by the proper investment or asset. David's example worked because he activated the "one thing", leveraging, using other people's money!

Create the evidence.

Paying cash for something feels amazing! It's something to post on social media and may make a person feel like they have clout. They may feel like they beat the system and got what they needed without bank financing. But what happens when they do need the bank's help?

For example, if someone bought their house in cash and is coasting through life until something catastrophic happens, like a global pandemic. Suddenly, they can't work. Their cash dries up and they now need a bank loan. When they go to the bank and get their credit pulled and get denied, they are confused.

Donni's Power Play: Leveraging other people's money is an optimal way to build a credible credit. If a bank cannot determine your ability to pay them back, then they will pass. Instead of paying for the house in cash, get a loan, and then take the house money and invest it in a hedge fund. Take the profit you are earning from that and put it toward your mortgage. As long as you can access other people's money, you'll never go broke again.

What is your specific goal?

Maybe you don't desire to be a millionaire.

That is totally fine. But what do you want? David encourages you to find what will benefit your life and your business. If you don't have these in place, you run the risk of hearing different advice from different sources that will get you confused. Find your goal, and only do the plays that will make it a reality.

Additionally, be honest with where you are as it relates to money. If you aren't happy with where you are financially, you can change that! You are where you are because you weren't exposed to the tools you need to have better financial health. That is nothing to be ashamed of, just learn and make the outcome different.

Donni's Power Play: They teach us as children that credit is bad. Let's change the narrative. Instead of giving your children five bucks, use that same five dollars and open a Robinhood account stock trading app for them. She did this with her daughter, who leveraged her referral affiliate commission (offered from the brand) to grow her balance, so she could trade more. Exposure is the key to understanding on a higher level. Once you learn something, keep learning by getting around people who DO know.

Growth Plan

If you've made it this far with, you may be having one of two emotions, excited or discouraged. If you feel either emotion, you might ask yourself, what can I do now to make a money move? Read Donni's power play, implement it to change your circumstances.

Donni's Power Play Financial Growth Strategy

  1. Start learning how to make money

  2. Once you start making money, ask yourself, what am I doing with my money?

  3. Ask others what they do with their profits. Ask higher level questions from people with better financial health than you that will produce answers that you can use repeatedly to grow financially.

David added you are asking questions. Make sure you add what phase of your growth you are on. That way, they can effectively help you.

Keep building through it all and enjoy the process! You'll get there!

Did you learn anything that was valuable to you? Comment below and let us know and we'll catch you on the next blog upload!

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