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Overcome Fear In Business With a Vision

The Shands Brothers Explore How to Eradicate Fear & Self-Doubt

In a Social Proof Podcast first, David welcomed his brother Doug Shands to the studio for this Q&A episode.

Meeting at the intersection of brotherly love and reality, the two Shands had an honest conversation about business. Although they've had this conversation with each other before privately, David wanted them to have it publicly this time to reach a demographic of people who may be able to relate to Doug.

Joining them in the studio was Marcus Rosier, master-mind funnel architect and friend to David and the show.

Also, the incomparable Donni Wiggins joins the conversation as well.

What started out as a one track question morphed into a discussion about self-confidence, worth and the barren desert where most of these emotions originate —fear.

Would you like to hear the conversation firsthand? We got you.

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If you're hanging out here in the blog, normally this is the space where I'd tell you to get your journal, but let's do it differently this time. I've selected the first question Doug asked and then will give the response. Let's survey how the heart of the conversation manifests its self from there.

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Doug Shands has been in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry for 15 years and wants to experience tangible financial growth. He has a company he works for full-time and takes side gigs via his personal company. He wants to step out and grow his company, but is unsure how.

Here is his initial question.

Doug: How do I accelerate my financial growth without having to sweat so much for it?

Doug Shands

Marcus: I think it's a simple equation. I'll say we got two options because we all got the same hours right. You either sell your time, which is what you're saying you're doing now with the job, right, or you invest the time into a skill which you've already done or you buy somebody else's time. So again, either sell your time let's say 40 or 50 hours or you invest that time.

If you buy someone else's time that means training someone to do what you do.

For example, another person does the work while you work your nine to five. You're making money and you're not taken away from your work. This has to be somebody that's entry level who's not as skilled but is interested in learning your skill. It exposes them to your skill and forces you to have to teach somebody.

Welcome to entrepreneurship.

Think of it in this way: the money you make is tied to your hands. You only got two hands so, you've got to get two other hands. It's mandatory.

That was a very solid point. David then steps in and asks his brother what was stopping him from getting the truck he desires to grow his personal business.

Doug: When they, your full-time job, pay you halfway decent, it's a comfortability factor and you get used to that. I've done jobs where I make my two months of my jobs wage, off that one job.

David: But what are you so afraid of, Bro?

Doug: The consistency...

David: No, it's not consistent because you haven't gone out to make it consistent. It seems like you're letting jobs come find you. Whatever that side job was, I would imagine you didn't go out and get it. It was a referral. Somebody told you about it and you were in the right place right at the right time. It wasn't like you went to get it. How did you get that job?

Doug: Someone in church asked me about what I do and we connected that way.

David: Yes, what I'm saying! I knew you fell on it and you're waiting for that to be consistent. That's not consistent. That's you being in the right place, right at the right time. Somebody knew you and know you can do it and you go get it. Then you're thinking, whoa, I made this money, but it's not consistent. But that's because you're waiting on something that's inconsistent to happen consistently that doesn't happen consistently. It will happen consistently if you are out there marketing your skills.

But it's something that you're afraid of. You're saying I want to have this business and I want to make this money, but it's something in your heart and in your mind that's saying no, I don't know what it is though you'd have to tell me.

Doug: I don't know what it is.

David: You need to figure it out yeah because if not another 15 years will go by you'll be saying the same thing. The reason I know this is because I'm pretty sure we have this conversation every five years of your career.

****Reader Check-In*****

Is anyone else feeling exposed by this exchange

or is it just me???

Ok, just making sure it's not just me...let's keep going.

As the conversation progresses, Doug admits to what he hinted at before it's about confidence .

The next question was how to overcome a lack of confidence to push fear aside and invest in the best tangible element in all of our equations—yourself.

Marcus: I'm really big on this ain't theory. We solve the confidence piece with vision, right? So I would say when you see something beyond where you are and when you really believe it, your current reality becomes a lie and not the future. Does that makes sense? Like you get a very clear picture.

"It's somewhat selfish not to purse the thing that you know in your heart that your're supposed to do."
-Marcus Rosier

Essentially, he asks Doug who else can he help with his gift.

Now, to be clear, that was a lot more to explore in this conversation, but I want to land on this point as I close.

Are you being stifled by the fear of "what if" and so much so that its preventing you from moving foward?

Try this pro-tip. Write down all the people or marketing demographic that you can help with the one thing that you do exceptionally well. Are you being selfish by not providing them with your knowledge?

Let me know in the comments what you came up with and actionable steps to combat your fear in business.

We'll see you in the next upload!

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