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Know Who You Are in Business

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Entrepreneurs: Who are you?

David Shands recently sat down with Morning Meetup member, entrepreneur Terrence Thames of Creative Cocoa Agency, for a Q&A.

The conversation was a combination of business tactics and best practices, for sure, but what hit most was the conversation about defining who you are in business.

These are the top 3 moments that resonated.

Having something deeper.

When success comes our way, we get hit with validation. We do more of that thing and if we are not careful; lose sight of the things that matter and grind specifically for that one thing.

But often, there is something greater.

For David, he finds his spiritual beliefs fuel and defines his purpose.

Now, this wasn't one of those "find your why" talks, which are helpful, but this was something else.

David uses his spirituality and belief system to create boundaries for his life, which protects and preserves his purpose. To avoid getting lost in the hustle of work and success, he finds solace and peace in taking the dedicated time to observe his spirituality.

Food for Thought: What makes you move the way you move? Take a piece of paper or your journal and write the answer down. This will help guide you to find your personal success. Come back to your answer and read it as needed.

There is always someone higher.

When I was younger, someone told me that life was like a ladder. There is someone higher on the next step, someone on a lower step, and you are on the middle step. No matter how high you climb, your position remains the same.

Pretty dope, huh? Entrepreneurship is a lot like that explanation of life.

David shared with Terrence that when he was in a room with some heavy hitting names, including Grant Cardone, he saw where he was on his journey compared to everyone else in the room.

Food for Thought: When you see the differences, don't let it discourage you, become empowered and inspired to get to where they are and better.

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A Mastermind vs. an Online Community 10:00

Entrepreneurship can get lonely.

It can feel like being a member of an elite club that has no meetings. The investment is high, with no guarantee of success; the hours are long and go by quickly!

But there are online communities that can offer you support as you travel your journey. Not to be confused with masterminds, these give you an opportunity to reach across the aisle to support and grow with your fellow group members.

A mastermind is a group created by someone who has been really successful that shares their blueprint of their success.

Ideally, you want to find a mastermind where the buy-in is 20K-30K, so you can connect with others who also financially could gain entry into that room. Being connected to this group will multiply your business tremendously.

So, the major difference between the two groups is the level and purpose.

Food for Thought: What masterminds could you join to elevate your level?

Research, write them in your journal, and create a plan to join.

Let others know who you are with strategic promotion.

David shared with Terrence one of the best ways to promote a service-based business—teaching. By creating an e-book or course specializing in what you do, you become an expert.

Which part affected you the most? I want to know your thoughts. I will respond if you comment. Keep growing!

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