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It Was All Good Just A Week Ago...

Everything By Longevity Gets Off Course

David went in on this new 5-Minute Friday, which we uploaded today on all streaming platforms. Click the image to tap in!

Inspired by the teachings on motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, who states that everything by longevity will get off course.

Simply put, everything that you do, relationships, diets, workouts, starting your company will eventually get off course. If you don't believe or understand this, then you are being naïve, no shade.

Everything starts off exciting in the beginning, and then it slips. As we approach a new year, you may create New Year's resolution and by January 15, 2023, they will have slipped a bit. That is the way it goes.

Solution: Plan for the inevitable. Plan for being off course.

Everything is exciting when it's new and shiny. What about when you are no longer excited? How do you stay engaged with what you are doing?

Consider This: What is your Plan B? What can you do when the novelty and newness wear off?

David's cure is being passionate about the process! Regardless of the results or outcome, keep the excitement high!

Do This: Have an internal trigger that activates when you feel you are starting to getting off course. Achieve this with a realistic mindset.

Regardless of whatever it is, a project, person or situation realize that you will reach disconnection from that thing. It's normal. Instead of judging yourself, craft a strategy that will get you back on track.

What ever you do, don't stop!

Set yourself up for success by starting from a place of realistic power. You got this!

Does this make sense? If so, let us know in the comments.

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