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Is There A New Type of Entrepreneur? Sean Cannell Breaks It Down!

The Future of Small Business Belongs to the Content Creator

Founder and CEO of Think Media, Sean Cannell added so much value to the Social Proof Podcast set in episode #311.

Sean Cannell is the King of YouTube. His YouTube strategies are full of action items that, with proper application, can take your YouTube from level one to ten.

David sat down with the man to whom he credits saving the Social Proof Podcast YouTube channel. Speaking of which, are you subscribed to our YouTube channel? If not, click here to sub.

As with all Social Proof Podcast episodes, these two great minds covered a lot of ground about achieving YouTube success.

In this blog post, we'll review some of the most compelling parts, as it relates to the emergence of a new type of entrepreneur and small business owner—the content creator.

This is a conversation that you definitely want to hear completely. Click the button below to go straight to the episode.

If you are going to stay here with the blog, go ahead and grab your journal, pen and paper, buckle your seat belt and get ready for the ride.

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Table of Knowledge

With the wit, humor and the charisma of a true media personality, YouTube King, Sean Cannell is the definition of walking the walk and talking the talk.

A media pro who fell in love with video production in 2003, while volunteering as his church videographer, Sean has captured the essence of monetizing your passion.

His company, Think Media, has two booming YouTube channels that support two different client bases. The first is a one stop shop for all things video production in media and the second channel is based around the Think Media Podcast which allows Sean and his team to speak on a variety of subjects.

Oh, and then there's this. Sean's book, YouTube Secrets has sold eighty thousand copies, making it the number one book for YouTube Strategies globally.

So, simply put, Sean knows his way around a YouTube and can help people get to where they need to be.

One way that Sean cements himself as an expert in all things YouTube is the amount of time and effort he puts into studying his craft and industry trends.

He admits that he has an obsession with what he does and has been bitten by the success virus. He credits the factor to a great portion of his success. We'll touch on that a bit more later.

Although video production is his first love, arguably, YouTube is a close second, and somewhere in the mix is his affinity for podcasting.

Like David, he enjoys sharing knowledge with audiences and showing them the possibilities of what they can gain with education.

One thing that he discovered in a recent trend search is a leaked document from Google highlighting how they are about to become players in the video visual podcasting space via YouTube.

As we all know, podcasting has reached an all-time high. Consumers can't get enough! Heavy hitters like Spotify and Apple Podcasts are seeing the benefit of investing in audio podcast and Google wants YouTube to be the visual component.

YouTube has already started with alternate screen listening, enabling users to minimize screens without disrupting playback and plans to launch an entire page dedicated to visual podcasts.

So, if you are aspiring to begin a podcast and were only going to focus on the audio aspect, you may want to reconsider. There is opportunity to become more marketable by being visual.

Another opportunity often missed by content creators is repurposing video content and using it effectively on other social media platforms.

Sean urges you to consider this. Every time you make a piece of content, realized t it can be repurposed and used for as many times as you'd like,

From clips of episodes to the episode in its entirety, it can all be reused. Your content is an asset. Treat them that way.

In doing a study of major podcaster Lewis Howes, podcast the School of Greatness, Sean found that he does a couple of things that sets him apart from other podcasters.

Number one, he has no intro, he just jumps directly into the podcast. Secondly, he repurposes his content incredibly and purposefully.

Whether he is doing an end of the recap that is titled using a certain subject, theme, or intention or grouping the best clips from a guest who was on the show more than once, he repurposes like the pro he is.

Now more than ever with the surge of successful podcasters and YouTube content creators major companies want in.

Sean stresses to the creator to think long and hard before selling or inking any deals, because in that situation, you have the power. The companies want you and what you have to offer, so charge them accordingly.

Podcasters are moving the pin of influence, so use your position to your advantage.

KNOW THIS: If you have an established brand, realize that they want you, so know your worth and triple it.

But first, before that bridge is crossed, you first need to have a start off point, so that means you have to start!

As it relates to beginning your channel, Sean encourages you to think about this. What do you want to become in the future?

The answer to that question will chart your path as it relates to the creation of your channel.

Regarding deciding your subject, Sean encourages you to be more practical and intentional. Right now, the two main categories are education and entertainment.

Believe it or not, educational content has a greater edge over entertainment.

In order to do that, you have to get specific about who your audience is and what they want and what drives them to get it.

David Shands & Sean Cannell on the Social Proof Set.
David Shands & Sean Cannell

Also, ask yourself what are you passionate about. Your curiosity is the thing that will keep you consistent when making content.

Another important component for finding your footing is to ensure you get a piece of the new creative economy that quickly growing.

With the influx of content creator's, a completely new infrastructure has been created called the creator economy.

This is more than a buzzword or a trend—this is fact. A whole entire financial and commercial subsystem has been built around supporting content creators.

Because money and commerce drive everything, the content entrepreneur or content creator is the fastest small business type.

To be clear, there are currently 50 million content creators, 2 million of which are making six figure earnings from their content.

We always say it within the Social Proof Podcast team, but now is the time to create your content and make it at scale.

Oh and because Sean believes in this expansion of YouTube, he's giving our readers a free YouTube strategy class. Click below to get this free game.

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In this post we've covered some vital information. BUT--

There is so much more to dive into, so we encourage you to click the image below and watch the full episode.

We'll see you in the next upload!

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