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How to Hook the High-Level Client

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

3 Solutions to Gain High-Ticket Exposure for Your Business

In this installment of the Social Proof Entrepreneur Q&A, host David Shands chats with Morning Meetup Member and business operation specialist Shatora Ladorne.

Shatora asks David an important question that all entrepreneurs struggle with—getting to the clients that see their value and will pay for it.

The two entrepreneurs have a brief, but impactful conversation on how to get into the rooms that count and finding the "big fish" clientele.

David shared with Shatora three key components that, if done properly, can get any entrepreneur into rooms that matter and in front of the eyes that count.


Grab your favorite beverage, a pen, pad/notebook/journal or the notes section in your cellphone and get ready to learn the three best ways to get to high paying clients.

Q: How do you get your brand/business into higher-level rooms?

Dilemma: When getting new business, Shatora finds it difficult to find clients who are at the six-figure revenue level. Typically, the type of client she wants does not spend their days scrolling through social media and she is at a loss on how to find interact and get hired by them.

A: Find where your ideal client is and learn how to approach them.

Solution One: David advised Shatora to think about where the clients she desires to work with are. What events do they attend?

When approaching them, David suggests releasing any timidity, shyness, and state the solution you and your business provide. Ask if they need your service. If they do, an inner confidence should emerge inside you. Let them know you have a solution to their issues and your expertise will create efficiency and affect their bottom line.

Solution Two: Make it easier for the clients to find you.

If clients on the level of David Shands or Myron Golden need someone to give them operational support, how will they know about you and your service if you are not visible? Are you speaking on panels? Are you posting on social platforms giving tips about your service?

If you aren't doing those things, you can't expect to get their attention. You have to make it easy for them to find you.

Also, if a prospective client goes to your social media page, can they tell what service you offer? If they can't, that is a problem.

Your whole page should contain tips on helping and interviewing entrepreneurs. so potential clients see how you deliver value.

Solution Three: Open your mouth and ask.

When you have the attention of an entrepreneur, ask them, "In what ways could you improve your (insert your specialty)? I have solutions for you!"

It is unlikely that someone will come up to you out of the blue, ask what you do, and hire you on the spot. You have to let them know your value.

Also, your existing clients will continuously need you, too. Make them realize that the service you provide for them is never done. Work every lead and make your worth known every chance you get.

Final Words

All you need is that one, high-ticket client! That's it, just one. That one client, the "big fish" will bring more big fish. You got this!

By being your biggest marketer and advocate, you can hook your ideal client. If you found value in this post or you have something to add, let us know in the comments.

See you in the next upload.

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