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"How Can I Build a Non-Profit?"

Crystal Durham Has The Answer in This Q&A w/David Shands

Crystal Durham helps others not only because she can, but because she has a strong desire to help to those in need. Life has taught her to bless others by sharing knowledge.

Like most entrepreneurs, when Crystal began her non-profit organization, fostering children in need, she learned many valuable lessons.

Through trial, error and success, she now has a thriving organization. Through her company Crystal R. Durham Enterprises, she coaches others, helping them to create their own non-profit organizations.

Additionally, Crystal has raised nearly 500K, acquired 20 sponsors and nine partners for her non-profit!

Crystal joined David Shands in the studio for a Q&A to get insight into growing, and eventually scale, her coaching business.

If you have any interest or desire to learn more about the non-profit sector, grab your journal, a pen and get in on this knowledge!

CD: How can I market to higher-level seven figure clients needing non-profit development services and not discourage clients who may not have a large budget?

DS: So, let's review your offerings and pricing for your current client base. For $2500, you set-up their 501c3 organization, design their website, they get the six-week course and they get free lifetime access to the mentorship program. But, they also can get these things separately. I believe that may be too confusing for some people to follow. I think the separate offerings need to be priced more to make the $2500 make sense. Think like one of your consumers. If they just need you to set up their long form non-profit, and they don't want to be in the mentorship program, they would then cherry pick what they want and go to other sources for what they don't want. To get back to the initial question, creating separate offers will keep your current client base engaged as you go for the clients with higher budgets.

Also, when it comes to pricing, when I got my non-profit started; I paid more than $2500 for that alone. I suggest that you offer the start-to-finish non-profit set-up, the course, include your book and sell it as a package for a set price, between $3500-$5000. If they get that, then they get lifetime access to the mentorship program. This stops people from picking and choosing. It's easier to push one core offering. Definitely move that price point.

CD: See, that's why I need to be in rooms like this because it helps me think in a different way. Regarding the mentorship community, I followed your model you use for The Morning Meetup. How can I keep giving them value and keep them there?

DS: Bring new members in faster than people leave. No matter how much value you bring, turnover is high in online communities.

CD: How can I access a higher level of client, like yourself, who has a 501c3 and has a budget to grow?

DS: I would suggest a white glove service in which you hire the right team to work with me for a few months set up my non-profit and maybe show me how to get some money? I'd pay anywhere from ten thousand to thirty thousand .

Or as entrepreneurs, if we're playing that tax game, I'd say yeah, you can pay me from your business thirty thousand. That's a business write-off, right? So you're saving in taxes and I'll do the work for you, so the money you were about to give the government, give it to me, I'm creating a tax haven for you.

To be clear, your core offer for this client is not the white glove service at first, it's the setup. But when you get me on the phone and hear what I need, you can upsell to the white glove. It's almost like I'm buying a business for 30K.

CD: That's good, David, thank you. How can I convert my followers from social media to buy products?

DS: I just followed you so I haven't looked too deep at your social media, but at the end of your lives and reels, are you making an offer? If so, tell me about it.

CD: I started doing the reels for fun, doing dances and adding call to action text at the end. I started including my husband and people like it. I ask them to go to my bio, to learn more about the topic in the video.

DS: Keep doing the reels, but outside of social media you have to come up with some sort of strategy. Maybe the strategy is doing joint lives with people and a really good strategy is to start doing podcasts. Be a guest on someone's podcast that your audience follows. Also, start doing workshops. Get your clients off the internet and meet with you in real-life.

CD: How can I hire a team to help me with my high-level clients?

DS: I don't know what you need exactly, but I say this. The point of hiring a team member is to get you to more money. When you find out what you need, hire somebody.

CD: Thank you, David! This really helped!


This blog post is just a portion of all that David and Crystal chatted about. Want more? Head over to the episode.

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