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He is Marketing a Product That ONLY EXISTS in His Head! - Social Proof HOT SEAT #28

Updated: Jan 14

Confusion about marketing and products.

The transcript of the podcast reveals a significant level of confusion regarding marketing and products. The entrepreneur initially claims to need money for marketing but fails to clearly articulate what exactly they are marketing. They mention selling hats, but it is unclear if the hats are the product or if they are simply a means to raise funds for marketing another product. This lack of clarity and inconsistency in their answers raises questions about the entrepreneur's understanding of their own business.

The confusion becomes more apparent when the conversation shifts to the press-on nail business. The entrepreneur states that they want to market the press-on nails globally, but it is unclear how the hats fit into this plan. The podcast host tries to clarify whether the marketing budget is for the hats or the press-on nails, and the entrepreneur seems unsure, initially claiming that the hat is the product but later stating that the press-on nail business is their focus.

This confusion is further highlighted when the entrepreneur mentions that the hat business unexpectedly became viral in their hometown, but they have only sold 15 hats and have given away some as well. This lack of sales and clarity about the target market suggests that the entrepreneur's understanding of marketing and building a brand is limited.

Additionally, the entrepreneur's focus on validation rather than growth is evident throughout the conversation. They mention wanting the hats to be a lifestyle brand for people who understand the concept of needing money for marketing. However, this idea seems more like a desire for validation and recognition rather than a solid business plan. The entrepreneur seems more interested in the idea of having a successful brand than in actively pursuing growth and profitability.

Overall, the transcript highlights the confusion and lack of clarity surrounding the entrepreneur's marketing and product strategies. Their focus on validation and lack of passion for their current business choices may hinder their ability to effectively market their products and achieve success. It is essential for entrepreneurs to have a clear understanding of their products, target market, and marketing strategies in order to effectively grow their businesses.

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