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Going SOLAR Is A Great PLAY To Making Great INCOME - David, Donni & Justin Owens #418

Solar energy is a growing industry.

One specific aspect that the podcast highlights is the growing industry of solar energy. The hosts discuss the potential for investing in solar energy and how it can benefit businesses and individuals alike. They mention that solar energy is becoming increasingly popular as people seek cleaner and more renewable sources of power. The government is also providing incentives to encourage the adoption of solar energy, further driving its growth.

David and Donni discuss the process of installing solar panels on buildings and how it works. They explain that solar panels convert sunlight into usable energy for homes and businesses. They also mention that there are software tools available, such as Google Sunroof, that can analyze a property and determine if it is suitable for solar energy.

They also touch on the impact of solar energy on the overall energy industry. They mention that there is a lot of growth in the industry, driven by government incentives and the increasing demand for clean energy. They compare it to the shift towards electric vehicles and suggest that solar energy may have a similar impact on the energy industry.

Invest in residential solar opportunity.

The conversation then shifts to the specific focus of the company being discussed, which is residential solar. The host explains that they had no prior experience in the industry but were intrigued by the potential it offered. They mention a mentor, David, who had a significant impact on their life and supported their decision to explore the solar industry.

David goes on to explain how they were introduced to the residential solar company through a lunch meeting with CJ, who suggested that they could provide training or assistance to the company. The host is surprised to learn that individuals working for the company can earn significant amounts of money, with some making $20,000 to $40,000 a month by going door-to-door. They are intrigued by the fact that homeowners do not have to pay anything upfront for the solar products and that the average commission for sales is substantial.

Donni expresses their interest in potentially collaborating with the company and leveraging their network of homeowners to create a business opportunity. They see the potential for building a career in the solar industry and compare it to other industries such as real estate, insurance, and mortgages. They highlight the ability to make significant income with just a few customers compared to their previous business, where hundreds of customers were needed to make the same amount of money.

The podcast concludes with a call to action for listeners who are interested in getting solar energy for their homes. The host encourages them to click a link in the podcast's bio to support the podcast and potentially explore the residential solar opportunity further.

In summary, the podcast emphasizes the investment potential in residential solar energy. It highlights the growing popularity and mainstream conversation around solar energy and showcases the hosts' interest and knowledge in the field. The discussion suggests that investing in residential solar can be a lucrative and fulfilling career opportunity, with the potential for significant earnings.

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