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Find Your Strength in Your Business By Finding It In Yourself

3 Ways To Enhance Your Business: The Social Proof Podcast Q&A

Entrepreneurship, if you're not careful, will get you stuck in your head.

So many doubts will arise and cause you to overthink.

David's ability to understand where entrepreneurs are coming from is because he has been there.

Every Saturday, the Social Proof Podcast YouTube Channel has a Q&A that is dedicated solely to entrepreneurs.

In this episode, entrepreneur host of the Social Proof Podcast David Shands chats with budding entrepreneurs, just like you, about exiting their comfort zone to find greatness and more!

Would you like to learn more? We often find freedom in hearing other's stories. Also, feel good about this. You are not alone with how you feel.


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Question: I'm an introvert. How can I put myself and my business out there more?

Answer: In this case, the entrepreneur David was speaking to has a budding podcast she wants to drive more attention to.

David suggested that she make a goal to tell ten people about her podcast daily.

On the spot, David took her through an exercise on how to talk to anybody about her podcast.

At first, it was awkward for her to do, but David told her with a consistent practice that she would get more comfortable.

Since her audience looks to her as an authority, her doing her ten touch points of the day and sharing her journey will inspire them to come up with their own ten things that they want to accomplish in their life.

Try This: "Practice getting uncomfortable sometimes." Show relatability with your audience, show them your courage in facing struggles may motivate them to do the same.


Question: I had to take a break from entrepreneurship and take a corporate job. How to keep myself from feeling like I fell backward?

Answer: Well, you have a certain amount of money that you know you need to make monthly. Do you believe you can make that money each month? If you can't, then step is to look at your belief system.

David then shared an experience he had on his way to work when he worked at the Cheesecake Factory. There was a guy asking for money at the traffic light. David noticed that he was there fairly consistently and seemed to have a schedule for when he worked.

David would give him some money, and after seeing him several times. David made a calculation. If a couple of people gave this man money at different times during the day, or each time the light was red, he'd make more than David would on his day job.

Try This: Math the math to see if it's mathing. Does the time you spend on someone else's job equal to how much time on your business? Break it down. How much do you need to make per day to reach your goal?


Question: When I first began my business, I was making five figures with little to no effort. Now it is hard for me to make five figures consistently.

Answer: Analyze how you made the five-figure month. If you got referrals from any of your clients, ask for more.

Your past clients can be your biggest asset. If they like what you did, then ask them to ask within their network if they can help anyone else.

Question: How you prepare yourself for expansion? Do I need a team?

Answer: When you are growing, it's not all about needing a team, it's about needing certain skills done.

For instance, if you need some photos done of people wearing your apparel, you aren't going to hire a photographer to be on your team, you'd just schedule a photoshoot.


Even though these entrepreneurs all have different businesses and models, one thing they had in common was that their solution for each of their problem was clear they just needed help to see it.

Journal Prompt: What blind spots exist in your business and how can you connect to them?

Click on the image below to see the whole episode.

Let us know in the comments if this article was helpful to you! We'll see you in the next upload.

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