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Do You Know Your Purpose?


David & Donni Explore Finding Purpose

In A Driven Entrepreneur


Typically, when David and Donni come together for their episode, they hit us with thought-provoking business tips, strategy and more.

In their latest podcast episode, they hit differently, affecting the heart with thoughtful introspection.

Well, at least for me it did. I would like to know what you feel after watching the episode or reading this, so please leave a comment.

Let's dive into it, shall we?


Table of Knowledge


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You don't have to do entrepreneurship alone.

This episode began on one track and then organically took a detour. David & Donni asked each other a simple question, "If you could do it (your entrepreneurial journey) all over again, would you? If so, what would you change or do differently?"

Often people think of "coulda-shoulda-woulda" situations in life and business. We can argue that asking this is moot, because we can't change the past, correct?

But, when David & Donni, both seven-figure earning entrepreneurs, posed the question, it was something beneficial to consider.

When Donni asked David, he responded logically and said he would do everything exactly how he did it to get where he was now.

That is how life works, right? A series of actions and events lead to the present destination.

He added he found benefit in selling his message, sleep is for suckers, was beneficial in building his movement and other aspects aligned with that.

One of his biggest wins was picking up a camera and shooting his own content.

That led to another thought for him. He added if he could do it all over, he would have learned how to be a videographer learning the technical side of content creation first.

Next, Donni came out of the gate with blunt honest with her answer.

If she had it do all over again, she would have gone directly to digital space with her business and not started with a brick and mortar concept.

She details how she and her business partner at the time opened a clothing store that was an hour plus drive from where she lived. The commute was a bit much.

The digi space would have allowed a certain amount of flexibility and she would not have worked as hard as she did.

Consider This: Grab your journal and pen and answer the following question/prompt. What would you do differently when you first began your entrepreneurial journey?

That point was an excellent lead-in to David's next point of what would have done differently. He would have focused on becoming something special.
David Shands seated in a chair on the Social Proof Podcast set.
David Shands

Woah. This is definitely a journal moment!

Consider This: Do you have one thing that you want to achieve with your business and life? Explore this in your journal.

Donni states that she typically considered herself a jack of all trades, but now wonders what would have happened has she focused on one thing.

That point led to another important consideration. What do you want, really?

Donni confessed that when she started making consistent six-figures, that was the only thing on her mind. Regrettably, she did not consider how she wanted her life to be while on that journey.

Consider This: Are you living the life that you want while pursuing your entrepreneurial dream?

Donni admits that she didn't plan her life around her success, so she encourages everyone to do a life map.

What does the life that you want look like financially, emotionally, socially, and financially?

Working hard to sustain her monetary goals without a balance of things she enjoys was not something she strived to maintain.

Also incorporate what you like to do, because it will be present in each endeavor of your experience.

Donni has worked in many industries and there was always a current theme: her desire to win and to see people win also.

Consider This: What do you enjoy doing and helping others achieve?

Let me tell you, Donni was on FIRE in this episode, she kept going!

She also made a goal of not getting married until she was a millionaire. Sure, she dated here and there, but it didn't interfere with her primary goal.

This was especially important for her because she saw a friend who, at the time, was dating a professional athlete and that paid for everything for her. But, when the relationship went left, her friend found herself unceremoniously blocked from all the accounts and the life she knew.

Donni knew that was NOT going to be her, so she made the vow to only get married when she got to where she wanted to be.

Sharing that experience took the convo to another level.

David asked if Donni thought that everyone, not just women, should have their own before pursuing love?

Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments.

- David Shands

Ahhhh, and there it is, the p-word, PURPOSE.

There is arguably no other state of being that strikes more curiosity, anxiety, and even sadness than the pursuit of purpose.

At times, it seems to be an elusive concept, right?

I mean, every single person has a purpose, but why is it so hard to find and pursue? Or do we know it and are running from it?

Can we for a second think how is easy is it to mistake what you are purposed to do for what you are supposed to do?

So, what is the solution?

David & Donni provide many tangible things to consider when finding your purpose.
  • What is the one thing that you can't escape? Before you give up and move on to the next point, do something for yourself. Sit and consider what is the thing that keeps you up at night and is constantly on your mind calling you to complete it? When you have your answer, move to the next point.

  • Good. Next, ask yourself why are you not answering that call? This one is rough, but sit in it! DO NOT MOVE ON UNTIL YOU HAVE AN ANSWER.

  • Have you properly communicated to your love ones that you have to pursue this thing and yet you still have a place for them in your life?

  • Have you set an intentnion to be resourceful person to yourself primarily and then to others?

  • To hear the rest of their points on finding your purpose, click on the button below.


Well, we have our work cut out for us, don't we?

Final Words: The Social Proof Podcast Team and I encourage to not be discouraged as you find & lean into your purpose. Answer the call. You are worthy of living the life you've dreamed of having.

Keep an open mind and heart & go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

You got this! We'll see you in the next upload.

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