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Decoding Success: If The Game Is Free, Will You Use It?

The entire Social Proof brand gives a ton of dope game for free.

We give it in all the forms of our content: this blog, our podcast episodes, the reels on IG, in the Five Minute Friday audio-only podcast episodes, and still a great percentage of people will not use the information to improve their lives.

We often wonder why is that?

Could it be because the information is free?

David invited some of his friends, Pushman Mitch, Zo the Goat, Princess Dior and Charles J. Noonan to the studio to talk about how some people take advantage of plays and others don't.

If you want to watch this conversation right now, click below to get to the episode.

As with all entrepreneur Q&A's, this was an interactive conversation in the studio.

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Table of Knowledge

Free Info vs. Paid Info: What do the experts think?

Is It Mindset?

Is It All About Value?

Tips From the Experts

Q: How can I be in the LIVE studio audience to witness amazing convos, like this?

A: Do you really want to know how?

Q: YES, I want to be in the room.

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Is Free Game a Benefit or Hindrance?

David began the conversation by asking his in-studio guests if they honor free information. We unanimously said that we do.

He then turned the question to his friend, Pushman Mitch, a luxury car rental specialist.

David: Do you have to charge people for them to pay attention to your offer or what you are selling?

Mitch: Not only charged but also to execute on information because they if they pay, not only do they pay attention, it's just like getting a free haircut. You never want to be cool with the barber. It's not good to be in a position where they say, "Hey man, Mitch, from now on you get free haircuts." You want to know why because you get free service too.

Think about like this: if David and Charles come in and they want to get their haircut and only one of them is paying, who gonna get care of their haircut first? If Charles gets free cuts and David comes in saying he has an appointment, or he has to get to the airport, the barber will say, "I got David first."

So not only is the person giving the information not going to give you the information that you would get if you paid, but also on the flip side of it if I don't pay for the haircut, what am I saying about myself and about my abilities to continue , you feel me?

David: Dior, what say you?

Dior: I think when it comes to free information, like going through a course, most people don't go through courses at all. When you pay for it, people really don't go through it and especially when it comes to like free information. They really don't take advantage of it either.

Mitch: So you think if you pay it's the same as if it's free?

Dior: Kind of sorta, it's based off the execution.

Mitch: Has anybodyever gave you a free ebook before and if so did you take it?

Dior: Yeah, I took it but did I execute on some on some of it? Some eBooks yes and some eBooks no.


David: I've also paid for courses and then never opened them joints.

I've been there right, so I think it maybe has to do with human beings.

Zo: I think it's a mindset thing like Dior said. It's about executing. I think if you really want it gonna get it because somebody can give me a free car I'm gonna take it take care of it like I paid for it.

David: I don't know about that. What about a rental car, are you going to take care of it?

I'm the type of person that does that. Everybody's not like that but I'm the

type person that values and am grateful for things so if it's free I'm gonna take it like I did pay for it, you know? Because I've purchased some books and I never read them. I brought some outfits that I never wore, you know? So it's not a money thing, it's all about how view the thing.

Charles: Okay, I got a point on free. So sometimes I look at interns: some interns learn the most and then they're successful in their respective fields. But they do so much for free. They work so hard for free, come in early they do everything they got to do to make that business successful and then once they're able to get one on their own, they have the education, which they got for free, right? It's similar to what I think is going to happen pretty soon but they get the information for free they get the the business insights everything they get to be around it and soak it up andthen they go execute.

Mitch: I think the free point is just the value y'all it's just you how valuable you think of it that's all. We're trying to say when something is free you don't value it because it's free. It's just like if something's cheap you don't value it.

For example, if I tell everybody here like I got a hotel and rooms are gonna be twenty dollars a night. I mean it's gonna be state of the arts five star.

David: I'm straight.

Mitch: Yeah and then if I tell you it's 20K a night and I'll comp

you a room for twenty thousand dollar a night you're gonna be like whoa I gotta go.

Hmmmm... so is the value of the thing the determing factor?

I want to weigh in on this topic as an entrpreneur and say perception is your reality. Specifically, it is purely subjective how we accept the free offer and decide to do it or not do it.

As the conversation, continues David gives a good example on peoples abilty to seize an opportnity. For example the Morning Meetup members have the opportunity to come to live tapings and rarely people pull up.

And when they do come through, we see the same faces.

That begs the question, what makes them see the value and others don't?

Could it be, they went through something personally to shift the way that they move and how they decide to execute on things?

Specifically, If we take money out of it, do the circumstances would lead someone to take action?

I say absolutely.

I remember when I decided to become an entrepreneur. I was working on somebodies job, and they were not creating a environment that fostered my creative or growth so I decided to create my environment on my terms.

What happens when we do start our business and things fizzle. After all a whopping 65% of businesses never make it to year ten.


We all go through different changes as we acclimate to our new way of life then unfortunately complacency sets it. We are consistently look for the next big thing.

We constantly seek the next thrill.

We have to keep ourselves motivated. Create the ecosystem of excitement for yourself.

That point brings up a question David asked the group and I want to mention here, what about keeping Social audiences engaged?

Answers From the Experts

Zo: Absence makes the allure grow.

Charles: Hosting Testimonials helps capture and secure attention using storytelling.

David: How do we get the most results from people?

This was a great point, because as we know, there is a stark difference between people who get results and don’t.

Mitch: Immediate jumpers [on an offer] 9/10 are the 5% percent active.

David: How do we get to the point where you get folks to execute?

Mitch: Be very clear on the offer to your audience. Also, you need to focus as the intiatior. You can’t do two different things at the same time. Help clients to realize this.

Dior: When you focus on one thing at a time then you can grow and scale other businesses.

Finding Focus

While operating a business, getting focused is clutch. Each expert gave their focus on how to achieve and maintain focus.

David: What happened to you emotionally to make you focus?

Mitch, admitted leaving a romantice relationship that no longer served him helped him progress. He propelled once he exited that realtionship.

For Dior, the desire to leave her day job, helped her make the switch. Accountability and goals and people that will help you thrive, the environment changed.

Charles J. Noonan on couch in The Social Proof Podcast Studio

Charles credits circumstances of life led him change, COVID-19 specifically caused him to evaluate his real estate portfolio. That and thinking about his kids made him reevaluate. He's always has the ability to think long-term.

Building legacy was the basis of him sharpening everything that he had.

He’s from humble beginnings, and as a teenager began summer youth employment in NYC, which instilled work ethic within him.

As the youngest in his family he felt motivated to work and provide for everyone.

Zo's motivation to change was the exact opposite of Mitch's. When he got with his girlfriend who is now his wife, helped him elevate.

David was the last to add pivotal, change moment. It came when he started hanging around a lot of money and it made him level up and realize the progression he could make. If you get around people with money, you notice for them money is more important. Being in this environment makes the importance of money increases within in you.

It seems that from these experts, we learn that environment may be the most important aspect to success.

These entrepreneurs combined are the echelon of success and innovation in business. If you go the opportunity to spend time with them FOR FREE would you?

Well you don't have to wonder if you would or wouldn't because this dynamic group is offering free access to their expertise at the FREE DAY Onine Summit.

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Charles will each people an entry level point into real estate and create land bank properties to support generational wealth.

He'll share actionable steps on how to find the value of the properties and how to secure them.

You already know David will share his blue print on how to create and scale a podcast.

All of this information will be a gift to the attendees. Seeing how much attendees make off the information they provide, is the biggest flex.

Their aim is to provide our culture with valuable information that we need during a time where we many be going through a rough time. They want to provide value to our people.


Final Word of Wisdom: It’s important for the team to provide people with steps that they can make it happen. The intention is helping them get what they want to get, not what others want for them to have. All they ask is that you execute on the information that they provide.

I'll be there, will you?

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