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Black Female Owned Magazine & Beauty Supply Franchise - Lia Dias #405

Acquired Hype Hair Magazine, Conair partnership.

In a recent podcast episode, Leah Dias, the owner of Hype Hair Magazine, discussed her journey of acquiring the popular hair magazine and the exciting partnership with Conair. Hype Hair Magazine has been a staple in the black hair community for 33 years, providing black women with inspiration and guidance for their hairstyles. Leah, originally from Englewood, California, now resides in Atlanta and has taken on the responsibility of maintaining the legacy of Hype Hair Magazine.

Leah's journey into owning Hype Hair Magazine began when she worked with the magazine as a content creator. The previous owner of the magazine decided to sell it, and some members of his team suggested that Leah should make a bid for it. Initially unsure if it was the right move for her, Leah eventually saw the potential and decided to put in a bid. Out of all the bids received, hers was chosen, and she became the owner of Hype Hair Magazine three years ago.

One of the key factors that influenced Leah's decision to acquire Hype Hair Magazine was the existing partnership with Conair, a billion-dollar company known for its hot tools and beauty products. Conair wanted to use the Hype Hair brand to develop products specifically targeted towards black women. This partnership presented a significant opportunity for Leah to breathe new life into the magazine and create a valuable relationship with a well-established company.

The Conair partnership involved licensing the Hype Hair name for the development and marketing of products that catered to the needs of black women. Black women have unique hair care needs and are particular about the products and tools they use. By leveraging the authoritative voice of Hype Hair Magazine, Conair aimed to establish itself as a trusted brand within the black hair community.

However, when Leah acquired Hype Hair Magazine, the partnership with Conair had not been fully cultivated. The existing products were outdated and not readily available in stores. Customers had to go through a lengthy process to access the products, limiting their reach and potential sales. Leah recognized the untapped potential in this partnership and saw an opportunity to revitalize it.

The Conair partnership offered a royalty deal that would allow the development of new products under the Hype Hair brand. Leah saw the value in this opportunity and believed that she could bring new life to the relationship. With her ownership of Hype Hair Magazine, she aimed to strengthen the partnership with Conair and create a range of products tailored to the needs of black women.

The acquisition of Hype Hair Magazine and the partnership with Conair marked a new chapter for the iconic hair magazine. Leah Dias, with her passion for the beauty industry and understanding of the black hair community, saw the potential in reviving the magazine and taking advantage of the Conair partnership. By leveraging the authoritative voice of Hype Hair Magazine and the reputation of Conair, Leah aims to provide black women with high-quality products that cater to their unique hair care needs.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Hype Hair Magazine and the partnership with Conair represents an exciting opportunity for Leah Dias to make her mark in the beauty industry.

With her vision and determination, she aims to breathe new life into the magazine and create a range of products that empower and cater to the needs of black women. The future looks promising for Hype Hair Magazine under Leah's ownership, and the Conair partnership opens doors for growth and success in the ever-evolving world of beauty and hair care.

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