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Are You Working In or On Your Business?

David & Donni Discuss the Difference

Typically, these blog posts start off with a little intro and then we get into the meat and potatoes after we pay some bills with some pretty strategic ad placement.

David and Donni, in past episodes, have hit us with the reality of what it's like to be an entrepreneur and small business owner. As we all know, it isn't all sweet.

But, for those of us who love the entrepreneurship game, the ups-and-downs are par for the course. As the saying goes, it is what it is.

But, in this episode, they introduce and tackle an issue that needs some light shone on it.

The owner's role in the development of their business, specifically if they are working in or on their business.

Although they cover different viewpoints in this podcast episode , there is one current theme—what is the best way for you to go hard for your business?

Specifically, from an operational standpoint, what is the best position to use your skill and ability to benefit your business?

This blog will explore the many ways your involvement affects your business. From listening to your inner voice and doing what is best for you, to learning how to handle a client who wants a refund. All these factors are up to YOU to solve.

At the end of the day, you will experience many things during your business growth, but the choice is yours for how you will handle them.

"How do you build a brand that isn't depended on you? The more valuable you are to your business, the less valuable your business is." - Donni Wiggins

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Table of Knowledge

So many businesses start and fail for a multitude of reasons, but mainly, the impatience and frustration of not achieving optimal growth.

This desire to have a fully functioning company that runs itself causes an influx of issues.

Think On This:

As your business grows, your role within it will inevitably shift. But are you shifting at the appropriate time to support its growth?

Growing a business too quickly and hiring staff too soon when the business is not ready is a recipe for non-optimal results.

Consider This: Don't be so quick to grow your business with an overemphasised focus on scaling that you neglect the business.

Business owner involvement appears to have shifted recently, which is a great segue to the next point.

Attempting to offset their workload for whatever reason has made an interesting shift occur.

A byproduct of the boom in digital marketing is that many creators are creating products they truthfully shouldn't be doing.

We can view the evidence with the surge of the course creation economy. Just about everyone is making a course good, bad or indifferent.

With all the popularity of making a course, it seems like people are substituting the implementation of their skill by selling and creating a course.

The vast amount of courses created has caused a "done-for-you" need for services within the entrepreneurial marketplace. Professionals who will actually do the service for the client rather than teaching them to do it are in high demand.

So, apparently, doing work for your business is no longer sexy.

I mean, we've all heard it. "I'm scaling right now so, I will get my team to handle x, y, and z."

Then, when someone finds out you are the team, they judge you.

David is a big advocate right now for working in your business. He works in his business.

He is doing the work, recording content, putting it all together is what he is on. He feels the talent pool of who can execute and hit business objectives and metrics are slim.

Donni had to call David out at this point because last year, Donni was still coaching her clients and David judged her.

He felt her time would be better in another aspect of her business.

She listened to him and stopped coaching. Donni was miserable because she had too much idle time. She loves coaching. Admittedly, she listened to David and went against what she enjoyed. She returned to her interest and now books a few high-ticket clients monthly.

David had a confession, too. He saw Donni's calendar one day and became overwhelmed with anxiety and projected his anxiety onto her.

Think On This: What do you like to do for your business that no one else can?

Consider This: Are you influenced by others rather than listening to internal guidance? How can you become true to yourself and business?

Moral of the story—find the joy in your business!

So, the next move is on you! What are you willing to do to ensure the healthy growth of your company?

Would you like to watch the rest of the episode?

You may want to because David & Donni discuss a client who made a purchase from them and then asked for a refund 8 months later. Who does that? You have to tap in to hear about! Click the link below to get the tea!

We'll see you in the next upload!

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