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His Hustler Mindset is Why He WON’T Make $1M Next Year - Social Proof HOT SEAT #22

Scaling is key for success.

Scaling is key for success in any business, and this is evident in this conversation between two individuals discussing the struggles faced by a fashion brand called Crown Me. The episode highlights the importance of scaling and developing a system to leverage the business and reduce the workload.

The conversation begins with David questioning why Crown Me hasn't figured out manufacturing over the course of six years. The response is that the owner recognizes the need to figure it out now. This exchange highlights the importance of scaling and implementing systems to streamline and expand the manufacturing process.

The conversation continues with the acknowledgement that Crown Me is still embroidering their own hats, indicating that they haven't fully developed a system for manufacturing. The other individual points out that this lack of system is causing stress and pressure, as Crown Me is only making $1,500 a month. This emphasizes the need for scaling and developing a system to increase efficiency and profitability.

The owner of Crown Me admits that they are still learning and don't have a background in business. They explain that they have learned everything on their own, primarily through trial and error. This highlights the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the business world.

The conversation takes a turn when the owner reveals that they have another income stream from an event space they own. The event space brings in about $100,000 a year and is on track to make $200,000. This demonstrates the potential for scaling and generating higher revenue streams.

The individual conducting the conversation questions the owner about the profitability of the event space compared to the fashion brand. The owner explains that the event space fluctuates in profitability, but they have implemented systems to generate passive income through various platforms. This highlights the importance of diversifying income streams and leveraging systems to generate revenue.

In conclusion, the episode emphasizes the importance of scaling and developing systems for success in business. Crown Me, the fashion brand discussed in the conversation, is struggling financially due to high expenses and limited retail partnerships. The owner recognizes the need to reassess their business strategy, increase profit margins, and explore opportunities for growth. By implementing systems and scaling effectively, Crown Me can improve its financial situation and achieve long-term success in the fashion industry.

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